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Ha Noi

Junior / Middle / Senior



  • Design analysis, development, maintain applications related to Blockchain technology for Cryptocurrency and Binary Options exchange exchanger products. As well as analyzing, designing solutions related to Blockchain technology for Defi, NFT, DAPP products ... with real math problems.

  • Evaluate, analyze, upgrade and optimize source code during development.

  • Participating in giving new ideas and solutions to improve work, improve product quality, customer experience


  • At least 2-3 years of experience on Blockchain (Ethereum, Solidity, Solana ...).

  • Have basic encryption experience such as electronic signatures, encryption based on symmetrical or asymmetric keys, key agreements ...

  • Can explain consensus algorithms.

  • Have good knowledge and knowledge about JavaScript, Python, Rust, NodeJS.

  • Understanding Blockchain technology, especially Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana.

  • Understanding of non-focused finance (Defi), electronic money exchange platform, NFT ...

  • Experience in developing smart Ethereum contracts written in different programming languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript, and Solidity. Or similar on Solana's platform.

  • Experienced in developing DAPP communication with Ethereum blocks. Or similar on Solana's platform

  • Group work capacity, responsibility, active and communicating.

  • Have good knowledge about OOP, MVC patterns.

  • Know unit testing the products do you make.

  • Have Debug experience and optimize code.

  • Ability to lead other developers in the team is an advantage.


Salary range: Min 1800$ gross

  • Attractive, competitive starting salary, commensurate with ability and working experience

  • Be trained, sponsored to participate in courses (Internal or external) to develop into a Key member, Manager of the Company.

  • Mac book is provided.

  • 12 month salary + bonus 2 times / year (0.8 ~ 1.2 month salary depending on achievements)

  • Considering salary increase 1 time/year according to capacity and work efficiency

  • Flexible working time (core time from 9:30 to 16:30)

  • Enjoy social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance according to the regulations issued by the State.

  • Maternity allowance for female employees.

  • Annual travel regime and participate in regular team-building activities.


Offered Salary

$ 100 - $ 200


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