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Ho Chi Minh City

Junior / Middle / Senior



  • Collecting and processing raw data at scale for a variety of projects and initiatives

  • Building flexible scalable ETL solutions with high reliability, serving to exploit/ingest various types of data (structure, traffic, speed) from many different sources

  • Building and developing data mining and data management tools

  • Processing unstructured data into a form suitable for analysis

  • Designing solutions for data collection, normalization, cleansing, enrichment, storage, processing, analysis, and visualization flows

  • Designing solutions and directly developing modules, libraries with foundational nature, high reusability, wide impact

  • Working closely with the engineering team to integrate your work into our production systems

  • Supporting business decisions with ad hoc analysis as needed

  • Monitoring data performance and modifying infrastructure as needed.

  • Develop and perform tests on all ETL codes for system data and analyze all data and design all data mapping techniques for all data models in systems.

  • Document all test procedures for systems and processes and coordinate with business analysts and users to resolve all requirement issues and maintain quality for the same.

  • Analyze and interpret all complex data on all target systems and analyze and provide resolutions to all data issues and coordinate with data analysts to validate all requirements.

  • Perform query testing on large datasets, and define the best practices of data query style to meet business requirements.

  • Collaborate with all developers and business users to gather required data and execute all ETL programs and scripts on systems and implement all data warehouse activities and prepare reports for the same.


Offered Salary

1,500 $ - 2,000 $



  • Graduated from a regular university with a good grade or higher in data science, computer science, IT, applied mathematics, electronics, and telecommunications or related

  • Knowledge of storage programming, and distributed data processing (Hadoop, Elastic Search…)

  • Knowledge of building data processing streams (batch processing, stream processing, ...)

  • Understanding of Linux

  • At least 2 years or more working experience as Data Engineer/Database Developer with relevant experiences.

  • Ability to communicate effectively in English, with good verbal and written skills.

  • Strong knowledge of Database systems (MySQL and NoSQL).

  • Experience with ETL tools and ETL Query.

  • ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load).

  • Experience with Data APIs, GIT technology, and data warehousing.

  • Experience with T-SQL and complex Query for reporting.

  • Perform exceptionally even under pressure.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Ability to solve complex networking, data, and software issues.

  • Experience in agile development methodologies is a must

  • The ability to multi-task with no supervision is preferred


Salary range: Up to 45mil gross