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  • Support, design and develop web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and TypeScript

  • Work closely with traders and other technology team members.

  • Expected to contribute new ideas, participate in code reviews, and improve overall user front-end experience.


Offered Salary

1,000 $ - 2,000 $



● Minimum 2 years of working experience in programming web-based applications (e.g. Single Page Applications).

● A self-starter and team player with excellent communication skills in English.

● Good knowledge of computer science and love coding in JavaScript and TypeScript.

● Very good skills in exploiting Angular 2/4, ReactJS, or Vue.js, Bootstrap, etc. frameworks.

● Care about user experience and enthusiastic about testing.

● Experience in ES6/7, TypeScript 2.0, WebSocket, and Web Workers will be a plus.

● Experience in Python/Java/C++ and/or implementing micro-services will be an advantage.


Salary range: 1000 – 2000$ gross

· 13th-month salary & performance review

· Governmental insurances based on labor law (after probation)

· 100% of salary in the probation time (Included Personal income tax)

· 15 days of annual leave apart from national holidays by law

· Childcare leave:

o 2 days of childcare leave a year (With Grasshopper for at least 3 continuous months)

o 6 days of paid childcare leave per year, regardless of the number of children you have (With the company for at least 1 year).

o Only be applicable for employees with children below 7 years old.

· Marriage Leave

· Maternity/Paternity leave: based on Labour law

· Off in lieu:

o For working 4 hours or less on a weekend/non-trading day, you will be granted time off in lieu of 4 hours on a working day.

o For working more than 4 hours on a weekend/non-trading day, you will be granted a full day off on a working day.

· Innovation leave: staff allowed to take up to 20% of their work time to work on innovation or training. Innovation idea has to be posted on Innovation Board on Jira before taking of leave.

· Out-patient and hospitalization health insurance package (applicable also to spouse and/or children where required)

· Annual dental care package

· Working equipment provided (laptop, extra monitor, etc)

· Motorcycle parking fee allowance

· Flexible work time arrangement where applicable

· Team building activities, happy-hour, etc.

· Opportunity to work with talented colleagues to improve your knowledge. Professional & English speaking working environment and more...

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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