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Ho Chi Minh City




  • Lead a team of data engineers across locations, managing project schedules. 

  • Take strategic ownership of all aspects of data at the company. 

  • Expand the imagination of data stakeholders on what is possible and educate them in leveraging data they already have. 

  • Work proactively with traders, researchers, and various members outside the data team to meet their needs for timely, accurate, and complete data sets. 

  • Build highly scalable data pipelines to process and analyze billions of messages in real-time. 

  • Set strong technical/architectural/cultural foundations, advocate good design in software development as well as data engineering, and lead by example.


  • Strong technical leadership qualities, good at working with both people and with code. 

  • Extensive experience with data modeling and designing/supporting both streaming and batch ETL pipelines. 

  • Extensive experience in SQL and databases. 

  • Domain knowledge in finance, especially in buy-side trading, is not required but good to have. 

  • Proficiency in at least two mainstream programming languages (preferably Python, Java, C++).

  • Proficiency in a programming language of a non-OOP paradigm (e.g. functional/logic programming). 

  • Experience with FP libraries like scalaz/cats/ZIO is a plus. 

  • Demonstrates good judgment in software design balancing design principles with pragmatics, with an emphasis on simplicity. See Rich Hickey’s Simple Made Easy talk: 

  • Good to have experience in Google BigQuery. 

  • Experience working in some cloud services platform (e.g. Google Cloud, AWS, Azure). 

  • Experience with messaging middleware such as Solace or Kafka. 

  • Experience with machine learning is good to have


Salary range: Up to 60mil gross

  • 13th-month salary & performance review

  • Governmental insurances based on labour law (after probation)

  • 100% of salary in the probation time (Included Personal income tax)

  • 15 days of annual leave apart from national holidays by law

  • Childcare leave:

  • o 2 days of childcare leave a year (With Grasshopper for at least 3 continuous months)

  • o 6 days of paid childcare leave per year, regardless of the number of children you have (With the company for at least 1 year).

  • o Only be applicable for employees with children below 7 years old.

  • Marriage Leave

  • Maternity/Paternity leave: based on Labour law

  • Off in lieu:

  • o For working 4 hours or less on a weekend/non-trading day, you will be granted time off in lieu of 4 hours on a working day.

  • o For working more than 4 hours on a weekend/non-trading day, you will be granted a full day off on a working day.

  • Innovation leave: staff allowed to take up to 20% of their work time to work on innovation or training. Innovation idea has to be posted on Innovation Board on Jira before taking of leave.

  • Out-patient and hospitalization health insurance package (applicable also to spouse and/or children where required)

  • Annual dental care package

  • Working equipment provided (laptop, extra monitor, etc)

  • Motorcycle parking fee allowance

  • Flexible work time arrangement where applicable

  • Team building activities, happy-hour, etc.

  • Opportunity to work with talented colleagues to improve your knowledge. Professional & English-speaking working environment and more...


Offered Salary

2,000 $ - 2,600 $


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