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Ho Chi Minh City




  • Work with other engineering teams to design, build and operate cloud-based infrastructures that meet their needs.

  • Design and conduct reliability tests. Carry out capacity planning. Identify performance bottlenecks and optimize systems’ performance.

  • Manage production incidents, investigate, analyze root causes, resolve issues and build-up prevention mechanisms.

  • Build internal tools and automation systems that improve engineering productivity, efficiency, and quality. For example efficient CI/CD pipelines, self-service observability tools, code quality checkers. Define workflows, conventions, best practices. Provide guidance for other engineers on how to use these tools effectively.


Offered Salary

2,800 $ - 3,000 $



  • Eager to open up abstraction levels lower than what a typical backend engineer is comfortable with.

  • Up-to-date on technical trends, explore new technologies but are careful in evaluating their merits and tradeoffs based on sound principles rather than hearsay.

  • Good tooling and automation systems play a crucial role in an engineering-heavy organization, identify drawbacks of existing, off-the-shelf tools, and build custom solutions to rectify their deficiencies.

  • Thinking and communicating both qualitatively and quantitatively, make data-driven decisions and clearly articulate them, well-documented solutions over clever but opaque systems.

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience with cloud-based infrastructures (AWS, GCP, or Azure) 

  • Ability to evaluate tradeoffs involved with various cloud services.

  • Comfortability writing Bash/Python for ad-hoc automation tasks. Familiarity with infrastructure-as-code practices and tools.

  • Fluency with common Unix's administrative tools and administration tasks.

  • Good grasp of common network protocols: TCP/IP, TLS, HTTP, SSH... Basic understanding of Linux’s internals. 

  • A clear understanding of different types of storage systems, and their respective trade-offs.

  • Hands-on experience with Docker and Kubernetes is a strong plus.

  • Good at English.


Salary range: up to USD 3,000 gross