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Junior / Middle / Senior



  • The DevOps Engineer will be the custodian of best practice and the company’s Standards for Cloud architecture, look at cost optimisation and have Security in mind for every change in the infrastructure proposed by the engineers.

  • Along with that, you will maintain and support the core of our infrastructure with services like RDS Database Instances, VPCs / VPC Peerings, NAT Gateways, Subnet, Route Tables, Security Groups, ECS Clusters, Application Load Balancers, Service Discovery.

  • It is also your responsibility to make sure that all the services are being monitored and have a proper backup and recovery strategy.

  • We work with sensitive data that, by data governance requirements, must stay in the country of origin. You ensure that these requirements are met and provide tools for our internal team to work efficiently within those restrictions.

  • This is a great role to make a difference. Our rapid growth provides the opportunity to practice advanced concepts, and we are open to new ideas and solutions.


Offered Salary

2,000 $ - 5,000 $



  • Strong project management and people skills

  • Strong experience with AWS - many of its various services from setting up, managing and maintaining: in particular EC2, RDS, S3, ECS/EKS and networking

  • Experience with cloud security and compliance

  • Experience working in a dynamic, cross-functional agile environment with various stakeholders

  • Highly proficient inTerraform, & best practice in “Infrastructure as Code”

  • Experience in automation CI + Deployment pipelines

  • Experience in secure design and multi-region workloads

  • Experience in Linux administration and shell scripting

  • Experience in Docker or similar container technology

  • Experience with monitoring tools and services such as the ELK stack


Salary range: Up to 5000$ gross