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  • Build and maintain the company’s mobile applications and frameworks

  • Build required tooling or infrastructure to help us do that easier

  • Build entire mobile solutions with best practice, performance, delightful user experience, and scalability in mind

  • Help guide business requirements with technical feasibility and/or constraints

  • Partner with Software Engineers, UX/UI, User Research, Quality Engineers, Product Owners to deliver quality customer experiences

  • Actively lead and participate in all team agile ceremonies

  • Be an active advocate of the mobile platform through both internal and external developer communities

  • Remain an active learner in all technologies related to mobile development

  • Do whatever it takes to make the company succeed


  • Strong expertise or at least 3 years of experience in developing and successfully shipping mobile applications using native iOS or Android

  • An interest to learn or some experience in developing and successfully shipping mobile applications using Flutter

  • Experience with integrating native SDK OR creating a wrapper for native SDK

  • Experience with dependency management or package management tools such as Cocoapods, Carthage, Swift Package Manager, Gradle, or Maven

  • Experience with build automation tools or continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) tools such as Fastlane, CircleCI, Bitrise, GitHub Actions, etc

  • Experience with unit, integration, and E2E test frameworks

  • Strong knowledge of mobile application user interface (UI) / user experience (UX), architecture, framework development, performance optimization, and security

  • Experience with monitoring tools, for instance, Firebase, Sentry or Crashlytics

  • Strong desire to independently learn engineering skills and share them with other software engineers

  • Ability to mentor and level up other software engineers on your team

  • Experience with Scrum/Agile development methodologies

  • Ability to break down complex product requirements into well-groomed user stories

  • Experience in wiring applications up to backend microservices

  • Experience with integrating CMS platform services with App modules

  • Fluent in English


Salary range: Up to 4000$ gross


Offered Salary

2,500 $ - 4,000 $


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