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The Engineering Manager will work with the leaders of their Tribe, Product Managers in the squads where their staff work, and other Engineering Managers. They are expected to help identify bottlenecks and roadblocks in the process and then endeavor to help clear them. The Engineering Manager will also work with teams to ensure that work is motivating and aspirational to help their staff perform their best work.

Day to Day

  • Helps their staff to overcome obstacles, resolve blockers, and complete work tasks.

  • Partner with the Product Managers of their tribe to help ensure team resourcing to successful product delivery.

  • Provide clarity around the processes and policies of the company for their staff.

  • Care genuinely for the health and wellbeing of your staff.

  • Approve leave, partner with other Engineering Managers ensuring adequate resourcing.

Communication & Leadership Duties

  • Communicate within your team in an effective, clear, concise manner in both written and verbal form.

  • Create connections with other teams to ensure alignment across engineering.

  • Provide goals for the team that inspire but don’t overburden.

  • Share relevant information from senior leaders and executives to their staff.


Offered Salary

4,000 $ - 6,000 $



  • Must have at least 2+ years in a leadership/coaching role

  • Must have at least 2+ years working with agile development methodologies

  • Must have at least 4+ years commercial experience in a Product or SaaS company

  • Must have a strong level of verbal and written English communication


  • Preferred candidates will have a team player mentality, be quick on their feet, agile, and aren't afraid to speak up and voice their opinion.

  • Preferred candidates will have a high EQ and lead with an inclusive approach

  • Preferred candidates will have experience leading OKR initiatives to their successful delivery

  • Preferred candidates will have recruited and developed high performing teams aligned to business outcomes


Salary range: Negotiate