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The (Senior) Test engineer is to understand the project requirements in each stage and work with stakeholders, test lead, and team members in test planning, specification, identification, implementation, setup and execution of test cases. The engineer shall also be involved in test software development related to test automation, test emulation (test driver and stub development) and general test scripting. The engineer shall also perform the test activity, report the findings to team lead and project manager and follow up for verification and bug resolution.

** Additional responsibilities:

· From time to time, the test engineer may be called upon to participate in product demonstrations to prospective clients. This may involve product demonstration planning, setup, presentation and actual demonstration. Besides this, any related and reasonable task assigned by management and deemed to be within the individual’s capabilities to ensure smooth running of the business.


Offered Salary

1,500 $ - 1,700 $



· Degree/Master in Science, Engineering or Information Systems

· Understands in-depth and is passionate about software quality assurance, test strategy, planning, and test automation

· Preferably from a hardware-based product test background and has led or strategized test planning for at least 3 projects that involve mobile, devices, web, and cloud frameworks

· Programming and development experience in Python programming is mandatory, other languages are secondary

· Deep experience with Robot test framework (https://robotframework.org/).

· Experience with Appium for mobile applications tests

· Experience with Selenium for web applications tests

· Experience with testing networked embedded systems products connected to servers and cloud frameworks

· Experience with continuous integration, Jenkins scripting, SVN, and Github

· Experience with testing Microsoft Exchange & Office365 based products is advantageous

· Able to use a variety of tools and utilities to supplement the above frameworks for hybrid test approaches


Salary range: Up to 40mil gross

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