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WOG356 - BrSE

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WOG356 - BrSE



Junior / Middle / Senior

Ha Noi



  • Communicate with customers to get project information, request documents, confirm the information, and report to Plan project progress according to different types of reports.

  • Together with the project team, read and understand the project's professional documents, confirm the requirements with the customer, and execute system analysis and design.

  • Collaborate with sales staff to estimate project implementation efforts and make reports price (estimation) for customers.

  • Collaborate with PM to plan and monitor the progress of the project.

  • Check the quality of the output product of the project before delivering it to the customer.

  • Act as a bridge to exchange with customers, Q&A, solve problems arising in the project, and other problems after handing over.


  • Japanese language level N2 or higher.

  • Able to communicate well in Japanese.

  • Sociable personality, able to handle situations well, carefully, responsibly and under pressure at work.

** Nice to have:

  • Candidate has experience as a bridge engineer in IT projects.

  • Candidate knows to program.

  • Candidates have experience working in Japan or have worked with Japanese customers.


Salary range: Up to 2500$ gross


Offered Salary

1,000 $ - 2,500 $


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