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7 Jobs You Can Land If You Learn SQL

SQL is one of the world's most popular programming languages in the tech languages world. If you decide to learn SQL, you might have a better job opportunity, especially if you collaborate with some recruiter agency to have better reach about tech jobs in Vietnam.

7 Jobs You Can Land If You Learn SQL
7 Jobs You Can Land If You Learn SQL

1. But what exactly is SQL?

SQL is the most widely used programming language for retrieving and organizing data from relational databases. A table with rows and columns is referred to as a database. The language of databases is SQL. It makes it easier to extract specific data from databases, which can then be used for analysis. SQL is required to extract data from a company's database, even if the analysis is performed on another platform such as Python or R.

But what exactly is SQL
Figure 1. SQL is a programming language that can extract data efficiently

2. Application of SQL

For data analysts and data scientists, this tech language can be used in a variety of ways. It's especially useful because it can:

  • Use a database to run queries.

  • Obtain information from a database

  • Fill in the blanks in a database.

  • In a database, make changes to the records.

  • Remove data from a database.

  • Make new databases or tables in an existing database.

  • In a database, create stored procedures and views.

  • Permissions can be set for tables, procedures, and views.

With some famous recruiting agencies in Vietnam like JT1, SQL plays the most important role in the company. The number of information JT1 is having about the company and candidate is massive, and it helps satisfy both employer and employee.

3. Why should you learn SQL?

Because hundreds of thousands of firms, including Google, Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, Wells Fargo, Shopify, WordPress, and JT1 use SQL. SQL is, in a nutshell, everywhere!

Databases are utilized daily in all aspects of business and are the backbone of many modern businesses. SQL is used by almost all of the world's largest IT organizations and many tech jobs in Vietnam require it. SQL is the third most used programming language, after HTML/CSS and JavaScript, according to Stack Overflow.

4. 7 Jobs that require the SQL skills the most

4.1. Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is an analytical expert that uses their knowledge of business, technology, and social science to identify trends and handle data on a large scale.

A strong foundation in some of the fundamental tools of analysis (SQL, R or Python, Hadoop, Excel, D3, and Java/C/C++), as well as the theoretical basics that underpin analysis (statistics, data warehousing principles, accounting, and general numeracy), is essential, and I'd be hesitant to hire someone who lacked some of these.

Why should you learn SQL
Figure 2 Data scientists need lots of SQL skills during the work

4.2. Business analyst

A Business Analyst assists firms in improving their processes, products, services, and software. Gap analyses are commonly used by business analysts to identify the steps required to move from a current state to a desired future state.

SQL can be used to discover gaps in data, such as dates or number sequences, where data is of relevance in the gap analysis. A thorough gap analysis is an important part of any business study, hence Business Analysts should have a basic understanding of SQL.

4.3. Database administrator

A Database Administrator (DBA) is responsible for managing database software to successfully store, organize, and access data. DBAs are typically in charge of a team of SQL developers, and they must be knowledgeable in computer programming, software engineering, and data architecture.

A DBA's job is to examine an organization's data management, input, and security needs and assist in the development of processes that support data access and security for SQL Server databases.

4.4. Software developer

The minds behind computer programs are known as software developers. They create software that enables individuals to perform specific jobs using computers, such as laptops and smartphones.

Knowing SQL is a crucial skill for any software developer. Furthermore, Software Engineers, especially recruitment Vietnam who are familiar with SQL tech language are more likely to get paid more in a recruiter agency than their counterparts who are unfamiliar with SQL.

4.5. Researchers require SQL too

Academic, industrial, government and private institutions all employ researchers. Researchers are frequently educators as well. Researchers are in charge of gathering, organizing, and evaluating data and opinions to solve problems, investigate topics, and forecast trends.

4.6. QA, QC tester

A Quality Assurance (QA) Tester's primary responsibility is to inspect new software products for defects or issues, such as web applications, gaming systems, or mobile apps.

For example, if all sales database data for 2019 is required on an app web page, a QA Tester can write and execute a query that pulls all of the relevant data from the sales database and compares it to what is already presented on the app's user interface. The QA Tester can ensure the row count, that columns are shown appropriately and that the data is accurate using this comparison.

4.7. Journalist?

Yes, A journalist is a person who gathers, researches, writes or delivers news or other current information to the public. Because of their ability to quickly evaluate, arrange, and filter material, journalists who know SQL are in high demand.

7 Jobs that require the SQL skills the most
Figure 3 Even Journalist can benefit if they know how to use SQL


SQL is no longer exclusive to computer programmers and for tech jobs in Vietnam. So, you will have much more opportunities if you learn SQL than just the seven jobs that we mentioned above.

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