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An Impressive List Of Recruitment Firms In Vietnam

In a challenging employment market, finding time and resources to carry on the leading candidates, in other words, is challenging. We have listed the best hiring firms across Vietnam. To select an excellent service for your hiring demands, let’s scan around the plant overview and past customers.

Overview of recruitment firms

Recruitment firms are external firms that search for appropriate applicants for employers. Employers can task them to seek applicants for available positions for their organizations to save up bucks and time.

An impressive list of recruitment firms in Vietnam
Figure 1. A recruitment firm can make you achieve more workforce targets

What is the main role of recruitment?

Recruitment is the procedure of attracting great candidates for a job, and selection is determining and picking the proper applicant for this job. The contributions of every staff play a critical role in the development of the business.

Top 5 best-recruiting firms in Vietnam

1. JT1

JT1 is the Information Technology hiring firm focusing on Software engineer hiring and offshore campaigns across our nation. The company brings expertise in seeking and recruiting software engineers and professionals. On the other hand, JT1 is the leader of Technical hiring firms in South East Asia. Its role is to build technology plants in Silicon Valley around South East Asia.

An impressive list of recruitment firms in Vietnam
Figure 2. JT1 recruitment firm

2. Links International

Links International is seen as Asia’s premier Human Resource service provider, offering around total national delivery, and has been considered an ideal HR outsourcing collaborator for the past five years. Next, Links International brings more than 21 years of expertise and offers a wide range of services in aspects of human resource operations.

3. Manpower Group

Manpower Group is a 100% international agency that appeared in 2008 in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. It provides clients with employment in some branches, such as FMCG and hospitality.

This company offers a high number of solutions. Each solution is strengthened to the demands and client’s expectations.

4. Monroe Consulting Group

Monroe consulting group is a crucial provider of senior human resource capital, concentrating on the global rising nation’s customer goods and tech fields. It started a business around Australia in 1998, first expanding the brand across SouthEast Asia by establishing offices from Malaysia to Vietnam. The plant also ran operations in Mexico.

5. Vietsourcing HR

Other job elements can be completed regularly, for instance, social insurance and work permits. This company appeared around 2008 to meet the client. SMEs are not realistic about hiring professional full-time human resources. Nowadays, Vietsourcing HR has enlarged the complete HR outsourcing and consulting agency, which assists clients throughout Vietnam.

Final thoughts

Here is the top list of recruitment firms around Vietnam that you need to know now. Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who are there for us at worst.


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