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An Overall Picture of Vietnam Manpower Recruitment Agency

Manpower recruitment agency in Vietnam is the leader in offering human resources to the national market. This article will show you all the useful information related to this potential hiring agency at this moment.

Overview of Vietnam Manpower Recruitment Agency

With around 20 years of experience in workforce supply, the plant is entirely committed to the whole satisfaction of both potential customers and job hunters who are enthusiastic about oversea employment with a greater guaranteed future.

Next, this hiring firm offers abroad placement for people looking forward to enlarging their horizons and moving to greater career opportunities from Asia to Europe. As an ultimate oversea and national hiring company, Manpower focuses on offering manpower in aspects of oil, hospitality, engineering, and others.

Figure 1. Vietnam Manpower recruitment firm

Vietnam Manpower hiring agency’s goal

The corporate goal is pursuing great excellence in the leading services and serving our potential clients to their entire satisfaction or reaching the ability with the power of teamwork and loyalty.

An Overall Picture Of Vietnam Manpower Recruitment Agency
Figure 2. The goal of Vietnam manpower is to bring clients a high-quality service

Crucial things that Human Resource Managers might assess for their hiring agent

Here are some crucial items that HR managers might consider for their hiring agent before getting one.

An Overall Picture Of Vietnam Manpower Recruitment Agency
Figure 3. The HR managers should evaluate carefully before choosing the recruitment agency

1. Manpower recruitment agency has to orientate the hiring process

As a working market scrambled by managers across the globe, Vietnamese employees get a lot of choices during moving overseas. They can focus on the distinction between wages around Europe, the taxes for their wages, or the service fee for a national manpower firm. Moreover, various benefits like food and the ability to earn additional income from working overtime are super crucial for national employees.

2. Around 80% of workers provided by manpower agency can meet your demands

As soon as reaching an agreement with an international employer, a hiring firm like Vietnam’s manpower recruitment agency are in charge of seeking labor, training language, and skills for them to limit culture shock. Next, a lot of domestic employees might not use language and could not get any religion. That could result in misunderstandings during operating in a European nation in which a lot of individuals are Islamic.

Thus, the initial training process in our country is super crucial and needs a conversation from the international employer to the manpower firm across Vietnam. As usual, a trustworthy hiring partner might need around double weeks to one month to make for the trade test, and interview, beginning from the date contract is applied. One month is a great time for the preliminary search and initial testing workforce’s skills or medical check. The supplier can drive with more than 1000 workers if requested for a trade test with international employers.

However, the most vital thing is passing ratio can be more than 85%. On top of it, a lot of Romanian corporations get a partnership with national workforce supply corporations. They sent specialists to our nation, moved ahead to vocational training to open trade tests, and conducted an interview with employees directly.

Wrapping It Up

Vietnam’s manpower recruitment agency is developing from time to time. Therefore, we believe that you can satisfy with this hiring agency in the future. Lastly, do not forget to leave your thoughts below.


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