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Blockchain Development Service in Vietnam is Rising

Blockchain technology has become one of the most disruptive innovations of recent times. Its potential to transform businesses and industries has generated tremendous interest in Vietnam. As a result, growing blockchain development services in Vietnam have emerged in the country to meet the increasing demand for blockchain-based applications.

1. The Blockchain Development Landscape in Vietnam

Vietnam is welcoming blockchain technology with open arms. The country is renowned for its quick economic development and emerging tech landscape. Blockchain technology is becoming widely used in a number of industries, including finance, supply chains, healthcare, and more. Blockchain is gaining interest because it has the potential to improve efficiency, security, and transparency in various areas.

The Vietnamese government has reportedly been aggressively researching blockchain technology and its possible uses. They understand how important it is to stay ahead of the technological curve, and blockchain is essential to this strategy.

Additionally, Vietnam has demonstrated a growing interest in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This excitement also applies to blockchain development services, as an increasing number of startups and businesses are providing blockchain-related solutions.

2. Reason why Blockchain development services in Vietnam is rising every year

Vietnam is strategically positioned to become a major blockchain hub in Southeast Asia. The country has a young, tech-savvy population that is enthusiastic about new technologies. Vietnam also has a strong IT infrastructure and developer talent that can facilitate blockchain innovations. The cost competitiveness compared to other regional tech centers further strengthens the case for Vietnam.

Blockchain Development Service in Vietnam
Vietnam aims to become a leader in the global blockchain industry

The Vietnamese government has also taken a progressive stance on blockchain and crypto regulations. While regulatory clarity is still evolving, the government has affirmed its support for lawful blockchain projects and services in the country. Initiatives like blockchain pilot programs in public services have expanded the blockchain ecosystem.

Vietnamese blockchain developers are working on solutions for both public blockchains as well as private enterprise networks. Some major application areas include:

  • Digital payments: Blockchain is enabling faster and cheaper payments domestically and across borders. Vietnamese startup Vimo is one example of an e-wallet leveraging blockchain.

  • Supply chain management: Blockchain can enhance traceability and transparency in supply chains. Food tracking is a popular use case in Vietnam's agricultural sector.

  • Identity management: Blockchain-based identity verification can increase security and prevent fraud. Fintech startup Onesmart is using blockchain for KYC procedures.

  • Record management: Blockchain immutability allows the creation of tamper-proof repositories for documents and data. For example, RippleWorks is exploring blockchain for academic record verification.

  • Gaming: Blockchain introduces new modes of digital asset ownership and scarcity. Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis developed the popular crypto game Axie Infinity.

3. Some major Vietnamese blockchain development companies

The blockchain development environment in Vietnam is flourishing, with many knowledgeable companies providing a broad range of services in this cutting-edge and quickly expanding industry. These businesses are essential to the creation of blockchain solutions and applications for a range of industries. Let's examine some of the top Vietnamese businesses that are significantly changing the blockchain scene in more detail:

  • KardiaChain: A prominent participant in the blockchain ecosystem in Vietnam, KardiaChain is renowned for its cutting-edge blockchain protocol and platform created especially for business applications. The creation of a dual-node structure consensus mechanism by KardiaChain, which improves the effectiveness and security of blockchain networks, is what makes it unique. This technique offers a strong foundation for enterprise-grade applications by combining the consensus algorithms of Proof of Work (PoW) with Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT). Developing blockchain solutions specifically suited to the particular needs of companies and organizations is KardiaChain's area of expertise.

  • BNI: A well-known company in Vietnam providing comprehensive blockchain development services is BNI. They offer engineering solutions, architecture design, and consultancy services in a comprehensive package. When it comes to advising companies on how to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations, BNI is an excellent resource. Their proficiency encompasses the creation of scalable and effective blockchain architectures, guaranteeing that solutions satisfy clients' changing requirements. With a committed group of engineers, BNI provides excellent development services that make blockchain initiatives a reality.

  • JAMJA: Another notable company in Vietnam that focuses on blockchain applications for mobile and online is called JAMJA. They use Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Ontology, among other blockchain technologies, to provide specialized solutions for its customers. Because of their proficiency in developing blockchain applications, JAMJA is the company that companies turn to when they want to fully utilize distributed ledger technology. Their ability to work with various blockchain platforms enables them to customize solutions to meet the unique needs of every project.

  • SCSoft: In the blockchain services market, SCSoft has established a specialized market for banks and financial organizations. They have launched the BrainiSearch search engine, which is intended to improve search capabilities in blockchain-based systems, in addition to offering development services. The attention that SCSoft has given to the financial industry demonstrates their dedication to tackling the particular opportunities and problems that this sector presents. Their proficiency with blockchain technology guarantees safe and effective solutions for financial organizations.

  • CoinKiwi: Specializing in end-to-end blockchain system development and consulting services, with a particular focus on the financial services industry, CoinKiwi is a well-known participant in the Vietnamese blockchain landscape. The business has a proven track record of creating and implementing blockchain solutions that are tailored to the particular requirements of financial institutions. In order to ensure a seamless and effective transition to blockchain-based solutions, CoinKiwi's consulting services are essential in helping businesses navigate the challenges of blockchain integration.

  • VentureStabek: VentureStabek is a group of professionals with expertise in developing smart contracts and executing blockchain trials. Because of their expertise in creating smart contracts, they may be a great asset to companies looking to use blockchain technology to automate and safeguard a variety of activities. Additionally, their background in executing blockchain pilots guarantees that initiatives are thoroughly examined and refined prior to extensive implementation, hence reducing possible hazards and optimizing effectiveness.

  • Abc Fintech: From smart contracts and initial coin offerings (ICOs) to cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain security, ABC Fintech provides a broad spectrum of blockchain services. Their knowledge of blockchain security is very impressive because it covers a crucial area of blockchain technology. Because there are more and more security risks in the blockchain field, Abc Fintech's emphasis on security solutions guarantees that companies can safeguard their blockchain operations and assets.

4. Blockchain development services in Vietnam will continue to thrive

Increased investment in Vietnamese blockchain firms by both domestic and international corporations speaks well for the industry's growth. Successes such as the blockchain remittance software MoMo, which was valued at a billion dollars, highlight the vast prospects. Here are some important notices to add more optimism to blockchain development services in Vietnam:

  • The government has introduced initiatives like the National Program on Digital Transformation 2025 that aims to promote blockchain adoption across sectors like finance, agriculture, logistics, and healthcare.

  • Major technical universities like the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology have started offering blockchain development courses to equip students with relevant skills.

  • Blockchain platforms like KardiaChain and TomoChain that were developed in Vietnam have gained international user bases demonstrating the global competiveness of Vietnamese developers.

  • The Vietnam Blockchain Union was formed in 2019 as a consortium of companies and institutions dedicated to building a thriving blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Development Service in Vietnam
Vietnam Blockchain Union is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise Organization advocating for the adoption of blockchain in Vietnam

  • Conferences like Vietnam Blockchain Week bring together various stakeholders like startups, developers, enterprises, and regulators to share knowledge and foster innovation.

  • Co-working spaces and incubators like Blockchain Hub have emerged to provide support and acceleration services tailored to Vietnamese blockchain startups.

  • Overseas blockchain companies have shown interest in Vietnam development talent, with Ripple announcing an office in Vietnam and partnerships with universities.

  • Payment services like the National Payment Corporation of Vietnam plan to leverage blockchain for frictionless cross-border money transfers.

  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) applications are also gaining traction, with platforms like Kyber Network having strong developer activity in Vietnam.

  • NFT marketplaces for digital artwork, gaming assets, and collectibles represent another growth segment for Vietnamese blockchain developers.

As blockchain gains mainstream traction, demand for Vietnamese blockchain experts across roles like architects, engineers, security auditors, and consultants continues rising swiftly.


Vietnam is rapidly emerging as a blockchain hub driven by a conducive policy environment, strong talent base, and enthusiasm for blockchain adoption across public and private sectors. The future looks bright for Vietnamese developers, aslo blockchain development services in Vietnam to power cutting-edge blockchain innovation.

As businesses continue realizing strategic value from blockchain applications, demand for Vietnamese blockchain developers will rise further. With strong fundamentals and infrastructure, Vietnam is ready to seize the potential to become a regional and global blockchain development hub.


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