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Common Challenges That The Technical Recruitment Agency in Vietnam Faces


The 4.0 industry keeps going to play an important role in our lives, creating a lot of challenges in the IT hiring process. However, there are some challenges that technical recruitment agencies in Vietnam face at this moment. This post will clarify them significantly.

What does a technical recruiter do?

The technical recruiter might determine, hire, screen, and show great applicants for tech positions or work with recruitment managers to establish real engineering requirements.

What technology is used for hiring?

A wide range of advancements in cutting-edge techs, like video interviewing, assist corporations in streamlining the interview process and decreasing the time to fill. For instance, initial interviews might be completed on-demand or single-way interviews to substitute the inefficient procedure of smartphone interviews and save recruiters time.

Key challenges in the technical recruitment agency in Vietnam faced by tech hiring agencies

The Human resource function can face a lot of challenges in the IT hiring process to nurture, hire, and retain more talents.

1. Seeking the well-qualified talents

The challenges in IT recruitment are available for every industry, but when it discusses the IT market; this has brought a new level of challenge, with the most notable one is looking for great applicants.

The IT field is running with its execution in a lot of fields of our routine lives, resulting in the unprecedented need for IT job openings to be met.

2. Pairing with the engineering group’s requirements

The next challenge caused during the hiring process is the inconsistencies in how the technology team and the talent acquisition group process items. There are cases where the recruiting employee and the engineering leader are not on a similar page regarding the recruitment purposes.

3. Making a productive hiring process

The hiring process is regularly deemed the trivial attribute of the human resource function, in spite of the truth that this procedure is important for a single company to look for a great fit for a fixed time frame.

4. Constructing the employer brand for greater competition

From the perspective of the human resource function, the employer brand is the marketing function’s job. However, when talking about the employer brand there, we need to focus on the brand’s insurance and a lot of benefits that might draw applicants’ attention.

From the upmarket picture of how the brand communicates and engages with the workplace, a single business can take advantage of a greater impression and the privilege in the race during hiring.

5. Maintaining the low turnover ratio

The circumstance of a leading turnover ratio is popular, particularly for the ever-transforming market of Information Technology. Turnover is the activity of substituting a staff with a great worker.

Closing Ideas

The big challenges of technical recruitment agencies in Vietnam might be simply dealing with proper measures and significant investment. However, the time and resources taken for the hiring process might be very troublesome for the internal human resource function to tackle, and it is when you might contact IT outsourcing suppliers for assistance.


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