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Different Kind Of Recruitment Solutions In Vietnam And How To Choose The Right One?

Different Kind Of Recruitment Solutions In Vietnam And How To Choose The Right One?

At present, with the assistance of a wide range of solutions, organizations get a lot of hiring choices to fill the vacancy in the plant. There are double primary solutions like external and internal. Both get various benefits and drawbacks. In this post, we will summarize the additional information which might assist organizations in making a proper option for the following recruitment.

Various types of recruitment solutions in Vietnam

Recruitment service refers to a kind of service that supports plants seek the proper talent for their job requirements without taking a lot of time posting and hunting. So, what is the distinction between every type of hiring a service firm? Let’s discuss them below.

1. Contingency search recruitment firms

An old hiring firm provides businesses with the contingency search service and obtains a fee after making a great hire. This proves the recruiter can not get paid if their customer does not select to rent one of the applicants they put forward.

That type of hiring firm can carry huge advantages for businesses. They get to seek the correct candidates and even instruct and assist them in taking the plants’ decisions.

2. Retained search

Executive search agencies provide organizations with retained search services which supports organizations to tackle higher-level positions in the field. The executive search agency will seek proper candidates for better-level and C-level positions which suit the organization's requirements.

This type of hiring firm services requests organizations a non-refundable fee. A part of that fee is paid in ultimate for making a retained search to fill the position. The rest amount is paid when the customer company rents a staff.

3. Temporary firm

Staffing services are quite common in dynamic life during which individuals do not need to be managed about when and where they operate. Organizations currently could seek more candidates to fill temporary positions in the plant by seasonal in legal ways. Staffing firms offer more staff who operate for this particular period and the customer businesses pay an hourly rate for the candidate it rents. Besides, the staffing firm might get to pay the candidate’s benefits.

How to select a suitable type of recruitment solution?

Other HR services often cost a lot. Every staff which the hiring solutions carry to your organizations could cost millions of about 10,000,000 VND. As usual, you even get to admit the potential risk of staff leaving after double months of work. If you understand how to hire more staff, you could also hire without losing any hiring budget, but up to the effort of your human resource employee.

Last but not least, to choose the appropriate type of recruitment solution, you need to know all types of hiring solutions carefully and analyze them precisely before making your decision.

Wrapping It Up

We believe that you can gain a deeper understanding of the various type of hiring solutions through our nation. Finally, you could keep in contact with us by sending your feedback related to the recruitment Vietnam search below this post. Thanks!

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