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How Can Talent Recruitment Services Find The Candidate Fast And Accurately?

Finding qualified candidates has always been one of the most recognizable challenges in IT recruitment due to the high demand and low supply. The adoption of IT in numerous facets of our daily lives has caused the IT industry to flourish, creating an unprecedented need for IT job openings to be filled. Seeking help from talent recruitment services may be a smart move, but did you truly know about their process?

1. The Standard Process Of Every Talent Recruitment Services

1.1 Have Efficient Tactics To Help You Determine The Best Candidates

The collaboration between talent recruitment services and a client begins with an online or in-person meeting. Professional headhunters offer consultations on recruitment process outsourcing and help clients determine who they need to hire. At this point, it's critical to have a clear understanding of the skills and expertise required of a perfect software developer.

1.2 Preparing a job description with your needs

Following the initial consultation, the talent recruitment services compile all of the company's selling points in order to develop a memorable Employer Value Proposition. This extensive package of employer benefits includes both monetary and non-monetary benefits. This information will be used in a job description and in correspondence with applicants. Recruitment partners can sometimes handle complex employer branding and recruitment marketing activities.

Talent Recruitment Services
Figure 1. A clear job description can help process through CV more quickly and accurate

1.3 Executive candidate searching

The following step is sourcing. Talent recruitment services search its network for qualified programmers who fit the agreed-upon profile. IT researchers make contact with developers, collect resumes, and schedule interviews with IT recruiters.

1.4 Conducting interviews with potentials candidate

Following the initial sourcing, talent recruitment services include extensive pre-screening checks and an HR interview on behalf of the client company. They are in charge of testing English knowledge, basic technology, and soft skills at this stage.

1.5 Create a suitable job offer

After the interviews are completed, the client makes a final decision on the job offer. Talent recruitment services contact the programmer as soon as possible and handle any counter-offers.

1.6 Negotiate with their customers

The best software developers are then forwarded to the client to continue the interviewing process. An employer can now communicate directly with an applicant and thoroughly assess their technical skills. Talent recruitment services may assist with background checks and reference gathering.

1.7 Provide additional services if needed

Some partners provide additional back-office services, allowing the client to forget about many operational difficulties. Many talent recruitment services in Vietnam offer additional assistance, such as procurements management, payroll, and legal matters, upon request. As a result, a business can even get its own offshore development center.

1.8 Hiring and onboarding

Talent recruitment services then congratulate the client on a new hire and prepare them for onboarding. After that, the provider stays in touch with their team in case of any further issues.

2. Some troubles that talent recruitment services need to solve

2.1 Lack of available talent

This is a major challenge, particularly in terms of IT talent acquisition. The lack of programmers causes a number of issues during the recruitment process, ranging from time-consuming sourcing to frequent offer rejections. Talented candidates nowadays receive numerous emails from tech companies, hold multiple offers, and frequently have the final say. This affects hiring costs and gives applicants bargaining power.

Talent Recruitment Services
Figure 2. The more companies want to have talent, the less chance they can work for you

2.2 More and more talented developers prefer money over other benefits

While the competition for skilled programmers continues, employers attempt to retain candidates by raising their pay rates. As a result, software developers begin to prioritize money over other aspects of their jobs. Furthermore, during these work-from-home times, this trend is only intensifying as IT specialists have more opportunities to work for companies all over the world. They rarely communicate with coworkers online, do not participate in virtual team-building activities, and are unlikely to have an exciting remote experience. As a result, nothing prevents them from changing jobs and earning more money.


Despite some negative impacts of politics around the globe, the demand for a workforce in the IT industry is still so much competition. To have the best talents work for your business, collaborating with talent recruitment services still be your best choice, at least till now.


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