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How much Ruby on Rails developers make in Vietnam?

What is Ruby on Rails developers' wages in our nation? Whether you need to rent a web developer or search for a chance to be a Ruby on Rails developer, you will know the answer to that query.

In this article, we will provide you with recent information around the Ruby on Rails developers' salaries throughout our country.

1. Some elements that affect the web developers’ salaries

Before discovering how much the Vietnamese Ruby on Rails developer might earn. Let’s discuss some crucial elements which affect salary increase. Here are the main basic factors that you need to follow.

Some elements that affect the web developers’ salaries
Ruby on Rails developers in Vietnam

1.1. Experience years

Ruby on rails developer salaries will be based on the experience level. A lot of hands-on experience particularly results in higher income. On the other hand, we claim the boss wants an applicant who possesses 10 years of experience in web development. If you do not fit that request, you can find your own on the low level of the wage scale.

1.2. Education

Aside from experience, mastery of programming languages is the leading requirement for taking a job as a web developer and requiring an income boost.

Being claimed, do you need the master's or Ph.D. to be a well-paid developer? The answer is No – education does not account for that. You might learn something which you need to code online.

1.3. Gender

Gender could not affect income, but in truth, it can. Women are a minority in Vietnam’s web development field because some of them have some interests in various aspects, not engineering. That results in the truth that men regularly take a higher wage than women.

1.4. Skills

Skills in the job overview might be fabulous predictors into what incomes the Ruby on Rails developer might negotiate. When studying JavaScript or making SQL on the resume will not make you get more money; it’s a necessary step in a better path when looking forward to the career development’s future.

2. Web Developer's salaries in 2021

We will present to you the web development wage in our country, based on some elements above. The figures and truths were gathered from Payscale.

2.1. Salaries of Ruby on Rails Developer - Experience years

The more experience years you get, the higher the income you might take. A web developer with only one year of experience can earn $7500 per year. The experienced developer with many years can be up to $17,000.

Figure 1. Salaries are based on years of experience.

2.2. Salaries of Ruby on Rails Developers - Education

High education takes a huge salary, but how much more bucks might the bachelor's degree increase to the yearly income? Have a glance at the table below. You might witness when the education level is Diploma, the standard salary is around $6,000. Somebody with a Master’s degree brings the holder a standard annual income of around $13,000.

Figure 2. Salaries based on education

2.3. Salaries of Ruby on Rails Developers - Gender

Male Ruby on Rails developers claims to earn a higher base wage than females for a similar role. As you can realize on the graph, the discrepancy is considerable.

Figure 3. Salaries based on gender

2.4. Salaries of Ruby on Rails Developers - Skills

The web developer salary boosts a standard yearly salary of $20,000 (front end), and back-end ones obtain nearly $17,500 annual income. Although it is not a high wage in the technology field, you might make more with a lot of experiences.

Salaries of Ruby on Rails developers – Skills
Figure 4. Salaries based on skills

Wrapping it up

We believe that all information above will help you understand more about the Ruby on Rails field and web developers’ salaries. Finally, you can give your comments below if needed. Thank you!

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