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Reasons to Start Working with AI Software Development Company in Vietnam

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly revolutionizing several sectors throughout the world, including Vietnam. The country's IT industry is expanding rapidly, and any single AI software development company in Vietnam has emerged as a market leader. These businesses are utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies to provide new solutions for a variety of business requirements. Here are all the reasons your business should work with an AI software development company in Vietnam.

1. Vietnam offers flexible pricing options

This is a significant cost-saving method that companies can achieve because of the wide gap that exists between personnel costs in Vietnam and those of the developed countries. For example, an engineer in the US can cost anywhere from $30 to $40. In comparison, the hourly cost of an AI software development company in Vietnam can be negotiated down to as low as $10 per hour. This pricing flexibility allows companies the freedom and creativity in managing their budget and helps them achieve large profits as well as long-term support with relatively cheap costs.

AI software development company
AI engineering in Vietnam usually has a lower price when compared with many Western countries

2. Vietnam provides consistent high-quality services

While the cost factor plays a considerable role in outsourcing, the consistently high quality provided by many AI software development companies in Vietnam has also enabled Vietnam to remain the top outsourcing destination in Asia. There are various tech edu centers in Hanoi, HCMC, and Danang city opening to equip the engineers with skills: Kaizen, Kanban, TQM, OKR ... The truth behind this: Vietnamese people have a real impression of the success of Japanese firms such as Toyota.

This is reflected in the trend commonly seen among international companies who choose Vietnam as their preferred outsourcing destination.

3. Vietnam has a large, young, talented pool of candidates

Vietnam remains impressive when it comes to its vast pool of skilled and talented human resources. The country has a population of over 98 million people and around 200 thousand graduates join the workforce each year.

The attraction of Vietnam for you is not only numbers but, more importantly, the quality of the talent. We've taken on people who are innovative, passionate, and meticulous, which is why companies choose AI software development companies in Vietnam among other countries for their outsourcing needs.

Ai development company
Vietnam is now in the golden population era so there are many young talented employees to work with

During 2010-2020, it was not easy to find seasoned managers as it's a fairly young industry. Now the managers are well-trained and skillful. Their English has improved as well. The salary of a project manager in Vietnam is high, twice the developer's average salary. This wide gap exists because a project manager has many skills that a developer lacks: management, QC and risk management, scope and schedule, Agile/Scrum, BA,...

4. Vietnam is ready for all kinds of development works

Ten years ago, Vietnam was a thriving hub for maintenance, quality assurance, small-scale projects, front-end development, and bug fixing. However, as we ushered in a new decade, Vietnamese engineers have showcased their evolution by tackling more complex challenges. They now handle tasks spanning software architecture, and backend development encompassing APIs and core features, as well as cutting-edge domains.

This transformation is primarily attributed to the young generation of engineers, many of whom were born between 1990 and 2000 and grew up in English-speaking environments. Equipped with a repertoire of soft skills acquired through crash courses and video tutorials, these engineers are not only technically proficient but also adept at effective communication and collaboration, propelling Vietnam's IT industry into a new era of innovation and capability.

5. Reliability and trustworthiness of AI software development company in Vietnam

5.1. Positive track record

Vietnam has firmly established itself as a renowned provider of top-tier software development services. Its track record includes numerous instances where multinational corporations have entrusted their projects to Vietnamese teams, consistently achieving the outcomes. This proven history of success instills a sense of confidence and reliability in the services rendered by Vietnamese software developers.

Their ability to consistently meet and exceed client expectations has solidified Vietnam's position as a preferred destination for businesses seeking excellence in software development solutions. With a track record built on quality and trust, Vietnam continues to shine brightly in the global software development landscape, attracting businesses from around the world to leverage its expertise and deliver outstanding results.

5.2. Trustworthy partnerships

An AI software development company in Vietnam highly values the cultivation of enduring client relationships. They prioritize trust and professionalism, making every effort to forge dependable and long-term partnerships. Collaborating with a software development firm in Vietnam promises a dedicated and reliable ally, wholeheartedly devoted to the triumph of your project. The commitment to building trust and sustaining professionalism is a hallmark of their approach, ensuring that clients can rely on a steadfast and supportive partner throughout the project's journey.

In Vietnam's software development landscape, the emphasis on fostering lasting bonds with clients underscores the dedication to not just meeting but exceeding expectations, establishing a foundation for successful, enduring collaborations.

6. Time and project management

6.1. Agile development methodology

AI software development companies in Vietnam commonly embrace Agile development methodologies. Agile places a strong emphasis on iterative development, regular feedback cycles, and adaptable planning. These Agile principles ensure enhanced project management, greater flexibility, and the capacity to respond adeptly to evolving requirements, ultimately leading to more efficient and successful project deliveries. By adopting Agile, Vietnamese software development firms leverage a dynamic approach that empowers them to navigate the complexities of the software development landscape effectively. This methodology encourages close collaboration between development teams and clients, promoting transparency and responsiveness throughout the project's lifecycle.

As a result, Agile has become a cornerstone of success for Vietnam's software development industry, enabling companies to consistently deliver high-quality solutions that align with client needs while remaining adaptable in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

6.2. Efficient project delivery

AI software development companies in Vietnam place a significant emphasis on the timely completion of projects. They employ robust project management methodologies, leverage cutting-edge development technologies, and maintain open lines of communication. This unwavering commitment to efficiency and organization guarantees that projects are delivered within the stipulated timelines, consistently meeting or even surpassing client expectations.

Vietnam's software development industry's dedication to punctuality reflects its understanding of the critical role timeliness plays in client satisfaction. By combining effective project management, state-of-the-art technology adoption, and transparent communication channels, these firms ensure that their clients receive not only high-quality solutions but also the assurance of project completion according to the agreed-upon schedules. This reliability has positioned Vietnam as a trustworthy and dependable destination for software development services.

7. Overview of AI development in Vietnam

7.1. Vietnam’s strategy for AI development

According to the Global AI Readiness Report 2021, in collaboration between Oxford Insights and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Vietnam ranked 62/172 globally and 10/15 in Asia.

The Vietnamese government hopes the national strategy will propel Vietnam to the top four Southeast Asian countries and be in the top 50 of the world for the AI industry by 2030. Essentially, the government is planning to make AI an important technology, spanning countless industries and private and government functions.

7.2. Focus on AI research and development

A master plan for the development of Vietnam's artificial intelligence industry was drawn up in March 2021. The "National Strategy on R&D and Application of Artificial Intelligence" plan outlines Vietnam's development strategy for AI until 2030.

The strategy aims to establish 50 open, linked, and connected data sets, 3 national creative centers on AI, 10 renowned AI centers in the region, and 3 national centers for big data and high-performance computing.

The whole of the government is being asked to help with this. The Bank of Vietnam and fifteen government ministries have all been given objectives for incorporating AI applications. Some illustrations of the tactic are as follows: The Ministry of Trade is entrusted with generating "automated in-store purchases and delivery completion," while the Department of Defense is urged to produce "more intelligent and more modern equipment and weapons."

7.3. Train and connect AI resources domestically and globally

To develop realistic AI training programs, expert communities, and expert networks, Vietnam forges close linkages between domestic and international organizations including universities, research centers, and tech firms. This helps AI software development companies in Vietnam stay current with technology and recruit AI talent.

Vietnam’s AI development strategies
Training AI is one of the most important Vietnam’s AI development strategies


With all the reasons we mentioned above, partnering with an AI software development company in Vietnam can be a sharp business decision that allows access to skilled talent and regional markets at competitive costs. This can accelerate a company's AI development and provide significant long-term benefits. Vietnam's growth into a major hub for high-tech software development makes it an attractive option for international firms looking to advance their AI capabilities.

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