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Reasons Why There are so Many Blockchain Development Companies in Ho Chi Minh city

Explore how Ho Chi Minh City, the dynamic economic epicenter of Vietnam, has solidified its reputation as the premier hub for blockchain innovation and development in Southeast Asia. With an ever-expanding community of skilled blockchain developers and cutting-edge technology firms, including numerous Blockchain Development Companies in Ho Chi Minh City, this city has become the epicenter of blockchain solutions across various industries.

In a world where blockchain technology is rapidly gaining global traction, Ho Chi Minh City's wealth of expertise and entrepreneurial prowess positions it as a trailblazer in the field of blockchain development. The flourishing blockchain ecosystem in Ho Chi Minh is a testament to the city's forward-thinking embrace of new technologies, further establishing its prominence as a leader in the blockchain industry.

1. Key blockchain development companies in Ho Chi Minh City

Several pioneering blockchain firms were founded in Ho Chi Minh City and have become influential industry players in Vietnam and internationally. These companies are building innovative blockchain platforms, launching blockchain consulting services, and pushing the adoption of the technology among enterprises and government institutions.

Some of the most prominent blockchain development companies in Ho Chi Minh City include:

  • KardiaChain: An open-source public blockchain that aims to be the backbone for interconnectivity between blockchains and provides a platform for developers to build decentralized applications.

Blockchain development companies in Ho Chi Minh City
KardiaChain is a blockchain development company in Ho Chi Minh City that provides a platform for building decentralized applications

  • Coin98: A company developing an extension wallet for crypto assets, initially built for the Solana blockchain. It has expanded to support multi-chain applications.

  • Quube: An enterprise blockchain infrastructure provider focused on public, private, and hybrid blockchain solutions tailored for clients.

  • Mettalex: A decentralized derivatives trading platform for digital assets that aims to be the largest DEX in Asia. The trading platform is built on the Polygon blockchain.

  • Hacash: A blockchain company is creating a network for truly decentralized digital asset management without intermediaries.

  • Chainzilla: A blockchain development company in Ho Chi Minh City protocol developed in Vietnam that connects private/public blockchains and enables cross-chain swaps across multiple platforms.

  • TomoChain: An Ethereum-based smart contract public blockchain with a 150-master node infrastructure. It allows near-zero fee transactions and high throughput for decentralized apps.

  • Sky Mavis: The Vietnam-based technology company that developed Axie Infinity, one of the world's first blockchain-based games focused on NFTs and the metaverse.

  • Ref Finance: A decentralized trading platform for synthetic assets built on a Binance Smart Chain that protects traders from market manipulation.

These leading companies exemplify how Ho Chi Minh City has nurtured a pool of blockchain expertise to create globally competitive Vietnam-grown blockchain platforms and applications.

2. Government support accelerating blockchain adoption

Vietnam’s government has taken a progressive stance toward blockchain and begun initiatives to accelerate adoption. Ho Chi Minh City is at the forefront of piloting blockchain-based solutions for public services.

The city worked with TomoChain on a blockchain trial for administrative services and digital citizen identification. They tested blockchain for transparent academic record management and are exploring applications like digital voting and tax filing.

Ho Chi Minh City authorities plan to become Vietnam’s first fully digital city by 2025 by transitioning public services to digital platforms and online administrative procedures. This major initiative provides opportunities for local blockchain firms to collaborate with the government on impactful projects that improve citizen experiences.

3. An affordable cost structure

In the realm of business, a company's competitiveness is largely determined by its cost efficiency. HCM City offers cheaper living and company operating costs than many other international tech clusters. Blockchain businesses can invest more in R&D thanks to this cost advantage, which increases their competitiveness in the global market. The cost factors are broken down as follows:

  • Talent Costs: Compared to other major IT hubs like Silicon Valley or Singapore, HCM City offers significantly lower salaries for skilled tech personnel. As a result, blockchain businesses may hire elite personnel without having to spend enormous sums of money.

  • Operational prices: In comparison to their Western equivalents, HCM City's office space, utility, and infrastructural prices are also far more affordable.

  • Investment Efficiency: Blockchain businesses in HCM City are able to deploy money more efficiently thanks to a reduced overall cost structure, which frees up funds for innovation and growth.

4. An Important Southeast Asian Location

Due to its advantageous Southeast Asian location, HCM City serves as a gateway to a market that is expanding quickly. The city's blockchain businesses can benefit from Southeast Asia's growing adoption of blockchain technology in a variety of industries, including supply chain management and banking. The important features of this strategic orientation are as follows:

  • Regional Hub: HCM City connects companies to a market of more than 600 million people by acting as a regional hub for innovation and business. Because of its advantageous location, it's a great place for businesses trying to get more exposure in the area.

  • Emerging Markets: The economies of several Southeast Asian nations are expanding, which has made the area a hotspot for the adoption of new technologies. This gives blockchain businesses in HCM City lots of chances to sell their products to nearby markets.

  • Gateway to China: One of the biggest marketplaces in the world, China, is comparatively close to HCM City. For businesses wishing to work with Chinese partners or conduct business in China, this proximity offers a number of benefits.

5. Thriving startup culture and developers' community

Ho Chi Minh City’s rapidly growing tech startup scene makes the city conducive for launching new innovative blockchain companies with access to venture capital and talent.

There is a thriving developer community centered around the city’s innovation hubs like Dreamplex and CMC Saigon Innovation Hub. Technology talent is abundant with graduates from local universities trained in coding and engineering.

Blockchain development companies in Ho Chi Minh City
There are many blockchain startup companies in Ho Chi Minh City

Co-working spaces have popped up across the city, acting as gathering spots for Blockchain development companies in Ho Chi Minh City and open-source software enthusiasts to collaborate. The liveliness of the startup culture creates an environment for exchanging ideas and developing skills that feed into blockchain innovations.

6. Initiatives by blockchain associations

Dedicated blockchain associations are actively promoting technology advancement and working closely with government regulators on policies for the nascent industry. These organizations connect developers and entrepreneurs to accelerate blockchain growth in Ho Chi Minh City.

Key groups include the Vietnam Blockchain Association which hosts conferences and hackathons, Vietnam Blockchain Union which focuses on educational initiatives, and the Vietnam Distributed Ledger Technologies Association which advocates for businesses applying blockchain.

7. Obtaining Funding

The increasing recognition of HCM City as a technological center has drawn interest from blockchain industry players. The city's blockchain businesses can obtain finance from a range of sources, including grants from the government, angel investors, and venture capital firms. Below is a comprehensive analysis of this financial access:

  • Venture Capital: HCM City-based venture capital firms are currently searching for investment opportunities inside the blockchain industry. Their financial assistance enables blockchain companies to grow their businesses, create new products, and penetrate new markets.

  • Angel Investors: Those who have faith in the possibilities of blockchain technology are frequently on the lookout for firms with promise that they can back. HCM City offers an ideal environment for these kinds of investments.

  • Government Grants: Tech firms, including those in the blockchain sector, can apply for a number of government-backed programs and grants. These awards may offer vital financial assistance for projects involving research and development.

  • Crowdfunding Platforms: In Vietnam, crowdfunding platforms are becoming more and more popular, providing blockchain businesses with different means of raising money for their initiatives.

8. The global outlook among companies

Despite being based in Ho Chi Minh City, the blockchain firms have had a global mindset and orientation since the beginning. Many Blockchain development companies in Ho Chi Minh City targeted international expansion across the Asia-Pacific region with plans to eventually broaden reach worldwide.

Building blockchain platforms applicable across borders and cultures has been a cornerstone of the leading companies’ strategies. They also participate in global blockchain conferences to gain exposure and connect with the worldwide blockchain community.


Ho Chi Minh City has demonstrated how visionary thinking, skilled talent, and entrepreneurial energy can come together to build a vibrant local blockchain ecosystem with an impact far beyond the city’s borders. The foundations laid by these Blockchain development companies in Ho Chi Minh City, government agencies, associations, and developers pave the way for the city’s role as a blockchain leader now and in the future.


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