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Salary and IT jobs trend in Vietnam

The new decade opens up with several outstanding developments in the digital industry, artificial intelligence, human resources,… and this IT job trend creates a huge competitive advantage for public sector companies. So, how are the IT job trend and IT salary will become in Vietnam in the next few years?

1. How big and the potential in the Vietnam IT market recently

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications’ 2019 summary and 2020 orientation report, total Information and Communications Technology (ICT) revenue in 2019 are estimated at 112,350 billion USD, including 81.5% for ICT export. Also, the Ministry of Information and Communications announced that software industry revenue reached 5 billion USD, that 500 million increase when compared to last year.

How big and the potential in the Vietnam IT market recently
Figure 1. Vietnam will have more big companies investing in the future

The total ICT industry value for the State budget in 2019 is 54,000 billion Dong, that 2000 billion increase compared to the previous year. However, the digital industry’s revenue only makes up a minor part of the IT industry revenue. The telecommunications industry grew by nearly 19% with the contribution of 50,000 technology companies, so that the IT industry maintained its growth rate of 10%.

Regarding ambitious orientations that should be focused on in 2020, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said that the Year 2020 would be the year of national digital transformation, the year of a great start to move towards a digital Vietnam. This will be an ambitious and comprehensive transformation, which is first the transformation of methods, operating procedures, processes in all fields. All in all, this is an encouraging move, helping Vietnam get closer to the goal of becoming an IT nation of the ASEAN.

Shortly, Vietnam will be the destination for many big technology corporations in the world. Apple’s supply chain Vice President Rory Sexton said Apple is ready to meet up and find opportunities for future cooperation with Vietnam ICT enterprises wishing to join Apple’s supply chain.

Besides Samsung-one of the foreign capital corporations that help boost Vietnam's economy, the participation of Apple in the future probably will continue to strengthen Vietnam’s wave of foreign investment in 2020. Particularly in 2020, Samsung said they will invest an additional 300 million USD in R&D in Hanoi, and need at least 4,000 more IT employees in the next few years.

Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL), one of India's 3 largest IT companies has built its center in Ho Chi Minh City and needs an additional 10,000 IT engineers and testers in the next 5 years. Axon Enterprise, one of the leading technology-developing companies for law enforcement solutions in the US has also built its technology development base in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. How about salary and the IT jobs trends

All IT training centers and institutions need to shift their attention to quality rather than quantity of employees. Right now, the Vietnamese government already has a plan to invest more in 20 schools currently teaching IT in Vietnam. From there, the government will cooperate with companies to open more short-term training courses for young people so that they can approach real-life requirements and catch up with new skills.

How about salary and the IT jobs trends
Figure 2. IT salary trend in Vietnam is a continuous increase soon

Currently, IT salaries range from 8,970,000VND (minimum) and up to 28,200,000VND (maximum) a month. Shortly, with more foreign companies choosing Vietnam to do business, the IT salary range in Vietnam will increase by an expected 10% per year.

On the other hand, Tester’s salary range is a little bit behind IT salary with a minimum of 7,160,000VND and a maximum of 22,800,00VND per month.

To earn an attractive salary when working in the IT industry, Vietnamese students need to follow the trend of the IT industry and always update the latest information about it. Here are some of the most demanding IT job in Vietnam in a recent year:

  • Security professional

  • Tester

  • Database administrator

  • Systems analyst

  • Mobile applications developer

  • Network administrator

  • Software developer

  • DevOps engineer


With a massive wave of big companies investing in Vietnam, the salary of IT will become higher and higher each year. But to follow that trend, people who are working in IT roles, or even testers, need to follow the IT job trend and update their skills regularly.

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