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Vietnam It Salary Guide Quarter 1-2022


We agree that the Vietnamese economy was through another challenging year in 2021, while the COVID-19 outbreak caused a halt to trade and manufacturing. Nevertheless, Vietnam has been seen as a bright spot on the global economic map as a result of the successful virus containment. Thanks to the persistent efforts of the Government and the people of Vietnam, life is gradually returning to its original trajectory, and the economic sector is rapidly recovering from its initial effects.

The past year also marked a new era in Vietnam's economy as technology plays an essential role in maintaining the continuity of economic activities. Various industries use technology to improve their ability to do business. More businesses embrace digital transformation and upgrade their IT infrastructure, including software and hardware. Organizations are willing to invest in technology to protect their data from cyber-attacks while increasing employee productivity. On the other hand, many candidates prefer to work for a company with technology that allows them to work from home. Aside from system integration, IoT, Al, cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity, 5G is also a hot topic in this industry.

Details About Salaries Of Vietnam’s It Positions In The First Quarter Of 2022

As the CEO, CIO/CTO position, you can expect the range from 7000$ to 25000$ per month in HCMC and from 6000$ up to 23000$ in Hanoi.

For a developer position, the salary range can be at the minimum of 480$ (1200$ for senior) and up to 2200$ (3000$ for senior) in HCMC, and the minimum of 700$ (1500$ for senior) and up to 1500$ (2500$ if you are a senior developer) in Hanoi.

IT director positions have the same salary range in both Hanoi and HCMC, with a minimum wage of 4000$ and a maximum is 6000$

Overall, Vietnam tech salaries have a difference. For most roles, the wages of IT employees in HCMC will be higher than in Hanoi.

Compared with last year, the salary increases overall, but not as hot as before. Salaries increase, but in certain groups of technology, especially this year is the year of crypto when domains related to virtual currency will have the most changes in salary.

2022 will be an exciting year for the IT market when big companies join the parties like Facebook with Metaverse or Telsa will accept crypto as a currency.

In terms of time, salaries will increase in the third and fourth quarters, also the peak recruitment quarters. When companies complete their annual recruitment targets, they often increase wages and add a sign-on bonus to attract candidates.

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About JT1

JT1 is a leading recruitment, payroll, & outsourcing agency in Vietnam. We are ever researching and providing non-stop human resource solutions for many businesses in various fields. We have exceptional experience in technology where we provide thousands of elite programmers full of skill, experience, and enthusiasm.

In 2021, JT1 became a partner for over 100 clients around the globe, also collaborating with more than 5000 IT talents in Vietnam.

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Our IT salary report in quarter 1-2022 is reliable for you to better look at the Vietnam tech salary market to make more accurate decisions.

Source: JT1 team

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