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What brings Cloud Data Security to become a hot job in 2021?

Data cloud security is becoming a competitive job in the labor market at this time. Therefore, we want to refer to you all the information involved in this career path. Now, stay tuned and follow us to find it out more.

1. Overview of Cloud Data Security

Cybersecurity professionals with the necessary skills might boost up approximately $15,000 income premium by capitalizing on the sustainable market need for their vital skills in this year.

Next, the DevOps and app development security experts might hope to get around $13,000 income premium from their unique high-demand skills. Besides, 400,000 job postings for HIS (Health Information Security) specialists were updated from the end of 2019 to September 2020, resulting in some skill fields in need.

Cybersecurity’s quickest-developing skill fields can show the leading priority organizations place on constructing safe digital infrastructures which might scale. App development security and Cloud Security are away from the quickest-developing skill fields for cybersecurity, by projected 6-year development for 120%. It can highlight the shift from retroactive security campaigns to proactive security campaigns.

Next, based on the America agency of Labor Statistics’ Information Security, cybersecurity jobs are one of the quickest-growing career fields. The BLS assesses cybersecurity jobs will develop about 32% via 2029, more than seven times quicker than the domestic average job development around 5%.

Overview of Cloud Data Security
Figure 1. Defend your information in Cloud Data Security

2. Some reasons for making Cloud Data Security attractive

2.1. Skills are the most lucrative

The particular demand for Cloud Security skills is outpacing the huge need for skills on the market. In the other words, Burning Glass guesses the quickest developing skills through the following years such as Google Cloud Security (+135%), Azure Security(+164%). There are nearly 20,000 positions on the market for cybersecurity professionals by using the skills of Cloud Security.

Skills are the most lucrative
Figure 2. Skills in Data Cloud Security are crucial

2.2. The rapid growing cybersecurity skill in app development security

It is evaluated to realize a 165% increase at current positions through many years. Cybersecurity professionals with app development security, and app security code review are considered to witness about $13,000 salary boost beginning in the following year provided by the sustainable their skills’ marketability. As for cloud security, the market need for app development security professionals’ skills can surpass the standard cybersecurity tasks development many years later.

The rapid growing cybersecurity skill in app development security
Figure 3. Implement skills in application development

2.3. Understanding where all cybersecurity job postings are metro zone

Cyberseek partnered with Burning Glass to make a good relationship with America – based heat map which represents cybersecurity positions from the metro zone.

On top of it, the heat map might be configured to prove the sum of job openings, and employees’ supply, or area quotients. You might get access to the heat map out there.

Wrapping It Up

Cloud Data Security is booming from a day today. Last but not least, we believe that all of you can gain a deeper insight into these competitive job opportunities at this moment.

If you find this article useful, please pay more visits to our website and reply to us by leaving your comments below. Thank you!

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