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What Is The Expanding Role Of IT Development Within The Business?

In a fast digital transformation today, almost every IT department around the globe is forced to do more things but resources are still the same. According to an annual technology report, this period of change has seen business leaders throw IT at the problem with increasing roles and responsibilities, so which role will the IT department become in this area?

What Is The Expanding Role Of IT Within The Business
What Is The Expanding Role Of IT Within The Business

1. Become the leaders, not supporters

One thing to understand when managing the growing stress of the IT team is they no longer work for only a single department. And IT workers now aren’t just facilitating business goals; they’re driving change at an organizational level. An IT now can learn to be CEO and deliver a competitive advantage as much as they do for a marketing strategy.

Become the leaders, not supporters
Figure 1. An IT Employee can become a CEO one day with more advantage

Every career will be affected by “The Internet of Everything” movement, which means that shortly, every aspect of our lives will be connected to the Internet. Since our reliance on technology increases with each passing day, the IT department is steadily moving to the front line, not just in the back of a business.

2. Security roles will be a must

Evolving security threats will lead to new roles in the IT department and the responsibilities of an IT security team can vary depending on the size of the organization.

In smaller organizations, you may be the one in the IT team carrying a security role and could be tasked with everything from setting security policy to managing the technical aspects of security (and everything in between).

Security roles will be a must
Figure 2. Security now become more and more important for every organization

But in a larger organization, the role of the IT security team typically assumes a more narrow focus and you can be expected to play one of two roles (A program security manager and A technical security manager).

Of course, an IT security role and responsibilities are going to vary tremendously based on the size of the team and the industry. But there are still several critical functions tasked to this individual at nearly any organization, which require IT employees to learn and adapt quickly.

3. Cloud IT engineer

Over the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic made cloud computing a must-have for those working remotely, especially in an organization and many educational solution companies. So at the same time, many organizations have been frantically hiring IT employees with the skills and knowledge who can migrate processes, implement the necessary infrastructures, and perform cloud-related tasks to handle the massive data to ensure every employee can work at home smoothly.

Cloud IT engineer
Figure 3. Cloud computing becomes critical for every business due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Cloud engineers are often titled under different roles, including solutions architects, cloud developers. But in some instances, the roles and responsibilities will vary, but the overall responsibility of a cloud engineer is to plan, monitor, and manage an organization’s cloud system, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft 365, company servers,...

What degree do you need that is capable of a cloud IT role? As with many of today’s tech careers, a postgraduate degree is almost always required along with relevant professional experience. But now, almost every company will have a test for you before you become an official employee, so you should learn and practice by yourself first before getting responsibility as a cloud IT engineer.


Yes, the truth is the IT department is struggling to adapt to a more expanding role, struggling to meet the increasing demands of business leaders but organizations can do more to help them succeed, increase more budget for them, more salary, more teammates,... can help them a lot, as well as your company business.

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