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Which opportunity for headhunt industry in Vietnam? (Part 1)

Headhunt is an industry that appeared in Vietnam from the years 95-96 of the last century. However, it is only really hot recently when the demand for recruitment and especially high-level recruitment is increasing strongly. Not many people can distinguish between different types of Headhunts. And what are the opportunities for the Headhunt industry in Vietnam? Let's find out.

I. An overview of the Headhunt situation in Vietnam

1. General features:

The Vietnamese market is considered to be a potential market for Headhunt companies and that is reflected in recent statistics as there are over 500 companies in the South. Companies are divided by service so that they can easily focus on customers, and some companies handle multiple services:

+ Mass recruitment: recruiting large numbers of staff with positions that do not need much experience such as telesales, salesman. The fee is usually a 1-month salary or by the project.

+ Recruiting executive search: recruiting positions requiring high experience from senior or at least has experience. The fee for this service is relatively high: from 2 months salary or more and maybe higher

+ Staffing: in charge of recruiting and paying salaries for candidates, in charge of related papers

Headhunt industry in Vietnam

Headhunt industry in Vietnam

Headhunt companies can also divide multiple teams in charge of different industries or a company specializing in only one industry:

+ Production sector: quite potential when factories and industrial parks in our country are more and more abundant, especially industrial zones and factories with foreign investment. The Covid19 epidemic has also changed a lot for the human resources industry of our country's manufacturing sector when large factories moved from China to Vietnam.

+ Block FMCG (FMCG companies): The characteristic of this sector is that it is recruiting steadily over the years, stable and neither increases nor decreases.

+ IT sector: Vietnam is gradually becoming a technology center in the region and the world, so it is also a "fertile land" for companies in the IT field to develop. The feature of this field is that companies can be based in the country or can hire staff to work remotely, creating more opportunities for Headhunt.

+ Hospitality sector: Develop as well as IT segment and predict it will explode soon. However, it takes time to recover after being interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Headhunt Vietnam market

Headhunt Vietnam market

2. Representatives of Headhunt Vietnam market

Headhunt Vietnam market has 3 main groups of representatives divided according to the following scales:

+ Foreign companies with large scale: these are often longtime companies in the industry and have a global scale with many branches all over the world, including Vietnam. With a wide network and a strong workforce, these companies can cater to all professions with teams dedicated to taking care of each particular segment.

+ Foreign companies, small but focused: These companies are not too large, but they focus on a certain industry with strict selection criteria to build their image next to large companies.

+ Vietnamese companies: operating in the industry for a long time also contribute to the excitement of the Headhunt Vietnam market when competing with foreign enterprises and also having certain successes.

+ There are also Agency startups that are booming and creating a lot of buzz in the market.

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