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Technical Leader

Ho Chi Minh City



  • Work closely with the Product Managers across global offices to identify and prioritize infrastructure requirements and improvement efforts from other engineering teams and within the engineering squad.

  • Facilitate and take part in inter/intra-squad architectural discussions to clarify or iterate on the technology requirements.

  • Plan high-level solutions, delegate the work within the team, and perform regular reviews of the work of team members afterward.

  • Carry out pager and on-call duty to ensure smooth systems’ operations.

  • Act as the final escalation point within the engineering squad before an incident is escalated into the wider engineering team.

  • Lead and drive frequent postmortem investigations, documentation, and communication.

  • Facilitate periodic reviews of different infrastructure aspects to identify improvement opportunities such  as cost, reliability, performance, and incident readiness etc.

  • Identify key areas of improvements among the team’s expertise and propose appropriate plans to resolve technical issues or rectify weaknesses.

  • Regularly communicate infrastructure concepts and considerations to other teams effectively and efficiently.

  • Promote and foster a result-oriented, “customer-first” mindset among the team with delegation while encouraging strong ownership within the team,


  • With at least 5 years of relevant DevOps work experience in technology or product companies, ideally in SaaS or fast-growth work environments.

  • Strong proven record of team management and leadership skills, with ability and communication skills to work with different teams.

  • Possess good grasp of the high-level (architectural) trade-offs of cloud services (AWS/GCP/Azure) with real experience in large-scale/high-load/high-growth systems.

  • Strong understanding of Linux fundamentals, with hands-on knowledge to understand technical solutions among the team.

  • Experience designing infrastructure based on containerization technologies like Docker, Kubernetes etc.

  • Has familiarity with DevOps/SRE/infrastructure tools and practices: infra-as-code, CI/CD, logging/monitoring/tracing for microservices etc.

  • Good ability to reason about behaviors of complex distributed systems both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Salary range: up to USD 6,000 gross


Offered Salary

4,000 $ - 6,000 $


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