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  • Collaborate with the Executive Team, Board Members, and other key stakeholders to develop and execute a global GTM strategy to achieve our businesses and revenue strategic objectives.

  • Deeply understand Inspectorio’s value proposition, collaborate, and contribute to Product Development strategy to ensure Inspectorio maintains and consolidates its market leadership

  • Ensure strategies and plans are translated into actionable milestones across Marketing, Business Development, Sales, and Customer Success.

  • Build and develop existing GTM Key Leaders to deliver success across regions and product segments.

  • Attract hire & retain a best-in-class team with a diverse background, ensuring an environment of continuous learning, high-performance, and development that reflects Inspectorio’s values.

  • Integrate and break down silos between Sales & Marketing teams, to ensure a holistic, and coordinated GTM strategy across all teams.

  • Customer magic: a key focus at Inspectorio is that every time we interact with customers, we want to create a memorable experience, so we want you to be laser-focused on creating the environment that makes customer magic happen, both externally and internally.

  • Sales enablement: develop strategies to establish new business in key segments, through experimentation, sales enablement, and effective cross-functional collaboration.

  • Sales & Marketing Operations: establish and lead a best-in-class operations team that can integrate our technology tools and process to ensure a high-performance, data-driven GTM strategy.

  • Lead Generation: lead our inbound and outbound teams in best-in-class strategies to ensure a consistent, and predictable lead-generation engine, for all relevant segments.

  • Build and scale a partner/channel/agency program: help build and establish a program that can help Inspectorio expand across additional regions and industries.


  • Accomplished leader with proven experience in building, managing, and scaling a high-performing, global sales, marketing, and success team, ideally in a B2B Enterprise model

  • A product and data-driven leader that can supercharge growth on top of a world-class product and organic growth foundation

  • A collaborative leader and clear communicator.

  • A data-driven and analytical thinker.

  • 10+ years of building and leading high-performing data-driven GTM organizations that include high velocity, enterprise, inbound marketing, channel, and customer success.

  • Experience working within a high/hyper-growth, tech company with the ability to collaborate with founders and senior leaders to create a vision and GTM strategy that can scale quickly.

  • Experience in establishing foundations in high/hyper-growth B2B SaaS, in terms of people, processes and technology, to enable a predictive lead/sales generation machine.

  • Someone with a highly strategic mindset who is able to understand the supply chain industry, dynamics, and existing opportunities to create a unique GTM that will enable Inspectorio to achieve global adoption.

  • Track record of owning and driving a successful multi-market SaaS sales organization to achieve goals in all areas of sales execution, including lead generation, pipeline management, closing deals, and growing existing accounts.

  • Significant experience in hiring, retaining, and developing high-performing GTM teams through periods of rapid growth; you will have demonstrated very strong people leadership.

  • Proven excellence in leading an organization working with small, medium, and large enterprise accounts across different industries and geographies.

  • Proven success as a CRO/CMO/CSO or in a similar role, ideally within a velocity-to-enterprise B2B SaaS company.


Salary range: Negotiate


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