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Ho Chi Minh City



Daily Ongoing Duties

  • Collaborate with the Product Development team, and the company at large, to develop clear Product Strategy for the High Capacity Scheduling domain forming a seamless part of the overall product strategy for the group

  • Build a product vision, strategy, roadmap, and execute fearlessly against it within your squad

  • Work with your Engineering, Design, and Product Management team members to drive the product development process for your Tribe from concept through design, build, release, analysis, and iteration

  • Contribute with data driven insight into the product development process

  • Understand challenges facing organisations managing deskless mobile work and what we can do as a mobile workforce company to help inform users as they address those challenges

  • Work with the Customer Insight and Product Strategy team to conduct research with users, customers, internal stakeholders, and the broader market in understanding the challenges faced by organisations managing deskless work

  • Support the Sales, Go To Market, and Customer Success teams based across the United States, Australia, and Europe in the execution of their roles to deliver an outstanding result for the company and our customers

  • Be a thought leader within the company, in particular around the topic of working with large customers at scale, such as governments, who have large data volume requirements

Mentoring & Leader Duties

  • Motivate, inspire, drive, mentor, lead, align, encourage and support all members of your Tribe with humility to ensure that you hit the goals of the Tribe and the key milestones underlying your product strategy

  • An ability to confidently present an understanding of and the capability to deliver the five elements of the company’s Product Development Manifesto


  • Must have at least 3+ years product management experience working with managing SaaS based B2B products

  • Must have strong written and verbal English communication skills with a precise talent for articulating customer challenges


  • Preferred candidates have approached product management from a user’s vantage point and is motivated by the chance to improve the lives of customers

  • Preferred candidates will have a love for validating product development updates: not only understanding what to analyze, but also at making it simple to understand and explain what’s important

  • Preferred candidates will be able to fiercely advocate and drive the success of your product and team

  • Preferred candidates will have prior experience managing technical software products from kick-off through to iterating within in a small-team based, agile development environment

  • Strong design and user sensibilities - ability to empathise with our customer and our customer’s customer and motivated by improving our users’ experience, translate vague customer feedback, and giving UX direction or feedback where needed

  • Preferred candidates will have prior experience managing and confidently communicating to internal and external stakeholders, about progress of your product as it relates to your vision and strategy

  • Preferred candidates will be comfortable working with a high degree of autonomy in a fast-paced environment, particularly with respect to operating within hyper-growth early stage scaling companies

  • Preferred candidates will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Commerce, Design, or similar field of study or experience


Salary range: Up to 4500$ gross


Offered Salary

3,000 $ - 4,500 $


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