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JT1 is a specialist IT recruitment agency in Vietnam and Asia.


Established in 2016, JT1 is a leading recruitment, payroll & outsourcing agency in Vietnam. We keep improving and offering optimal HR solutions for businesses in various fields. With exceptional experience in technology, JT1 provides thousands of elite programmers with considerable skills & experience and the utmost enthusiasm. ​


Every year, JT1 cooperates with domestic and foreign enterprises to find excellent Vietnamese personnel able to adapt to varied work cultures. Further, JT1 is committed to following through with these candidates we match. We are ready to facilitate candidates throughout, including post-onboarding.

As a company, we focus on continuous improvement to ensure the best interest of our partners. ​


At any time, JT1 has a professional consultant team putting its skills to work, churning out payroll transactions every month, and committed to punctuality, compliance, and 100% confidentiality. ​


JT1 has every confidence to be the best choice that will lead to your success.


Accommodate tech companies in building the next Silicon Valley in Southeast Asia


Become the No.1 Tech Recruitment Agency in Southeast Asia

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