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  • Frontend Development: Utilize the in-house design system and component library, along with Next.js and front-end frameworks such as Ant Design, MUI, and TypeScript/JavaScript, to implement captivating and responsive user interfaces based on designer mock-ups and wireframes for diverse applications. 

  • Contribution to Design System and Component Library: Contribute to building and iterating on our in-house design system and component library, ensuring consistency and scalability across all software applications. 

  • Analysis and Design: Actively participate in dissecting project requirements and contribute to designing robust software architectures for various applications, including those tailored for perfumer tools and machine operations. 

  • Mobile Responsive Design: Craft features and applications with a keen focus on mobile responsiveness and seamless user experience across all applications. 

  • Architecture Design: Design both client-side and server-side architecture, leveraging React, Next.js, and NodeJS to ensure the scalability and efficiency of our applications, catering specifically to the unique needs of perfumers and machine operators. 

  • API Integration: Implement APIs with a strong emphasis on seamless integration, ensuring a cohesive link between software components for applications. 

  • Testing and Debugging: Proficiency in testing methodologies, mocking, and debugging tools to maintain application integrity across various tools and applications. 

  • Performance Optimization: Fine-tune source code for optimal application performance without compromising functionality.


  • 3+ years of Fullstack Software Engineering experience, demonstrating proficiency in both frontend and backend development. 

  • React, Next.js, and NodeJS: Strong familiarity with these frameworks for both client-side and server-side architecture, tailored to the specific needs of different applications. 

  • Design Implementation: Experience translating designer mock-ups and wireframes into captivating front-end code across a variety of applications. 

  • Design System Contribution: Experience in contributing to the development and iteration of an in-house design system and component library, fostering consistency and scalability, specifically leveraging Next.js. 

  • Mobile-First Approach: Proficiency in crafting mobile-responsive designs and user interfaces catering to different user groups, including perfumers and machine operators. 

  • API Development: Experience implementing APIs, ensuring seamless integration between components across diverse applications. 

  • Troubleshooting and Debugging: Proficient in identifying and resolving technical issues, upgrading software when necessary across various specialized tools. 

  • Documentation Skills: Ability to articulate technical documentation in English, catering to different user groups and functionalities. 

  • Collaborative Skills: Ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a team environment. 

  • Database Knowledge: Basic understanding of databases, including MySQL and/or NoSQL (DynamoDB), tailored to different application requirements. 

  • Language Skills: Conversational proficiency in English, facilitating communication across diverse user groups and teams.


Working location: Remote Fulltime

Salary range: up to USD 2,500


Offered Salary

1,500 $ - 2,500 $


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