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Ho Chi Minh City

Junior / Middle / Senior



  • Understand and use computer science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, computability and complexity, and computer architecture

  • Use exceptional mathematical skills, in order to perform computations and work with the algorithms involved in this type of programming

  • Produce project outcomes and isolate the issues that need to be resolved, in order to make programs more effective

  • Collaborate with data engineers to build data and model pipelines

  • Manage the infrastructure and data pipelines needed to bring code to production

  • Demonstrate end-to-end understanding of applications (including, but not limited to, the machine learning algorithms) being created

  • Build algorithms based on statistical modeling procedures and build and maintain scalable machine learning solutions in the production

  • Use data modeling and evaluation strategy to find patterns and predict unseen instances

  • Apply machine learning algorithms and libraries

  • Communicate and explain complex processes to people who are not programming experts

  • Liaise with stakeholders to analyze business problems, clarify requirements and define the scope of the resolution needed

  • Analyse large, complex datasets to extract insights and decide on the appropriate technique

  • Research and implement best practices to improve the existing machine learning infrastructure

  • Provide support to engineers and product managers in implementing machine learning in the product.


Offered Salary

1,800 $ - 2,500 $



  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, data science, mathematics, or a related field.

  • Master’s degree in computational linguistics, data analytics, or similar will be advantageous.

  • At least three years' experience as a machine learning engineer.

  • Advanced proficiency with Python, Java, and R code writing.

  • Extensive knowledge of ML frameworks, libraries, data structures, data modeling, and software architecture.

  • In-depth knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and algorithms.

  • Superb analytical and problem-solving abilities.

  • Great communication and collaboration skills.

  • Excellent time management and organizational abilities.


Salary range: Up to 60mil gross