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Ha Noi



  • Participate in the process of conceptualizing, product design as well as capturing requirements, collaborate with Japanese product manager and other engineers to come up with solutions, as well as develop and operate web applications, PHP-based mobile, Vuejs, Docker .. for cryptocurrency and binary options exchange products

  • Development planning, keeping track of the progress of product functional development.

  • Together with related parties such as the end customer, product manager, technical leader, engineer, discover, capture, and solve problems.

  • Actively creative in the process of giving ideas, presenting ideas, implementing ideas to develop and improve products.


  • Experience 3 years or more or be confident with an equivalent level.

  • The Japanese equivalent to N2, good communication

  • At least 1 year of experience in software project management with the Japanese side

  • Having good programming experience and knowledge, analyzing and designing, and coming up with suitable solutions. As well as the ability to self-manage and manage well.

  • Good logical thinking, able to identify problems and solve problems at the root.

  • Ability to communicate, link and collaborate with members of the Vietnamese team as well as the Japanese team.

  • Priority is given to candidates who have worked in Japan.


Salary range: Up to 3000$ gross

  • Attractive, competitive starting salary, commensurate with ability and working experience

  • Be trained, sponsored to participate in courses (Internal or external) to develop into a Key member, Manager of the Company.

  • 12 month salary + bonus 2 times / year (0.8 ~ 1.2 month salary depending on achievements)

  • Considering salary increase 1 time/year according to capacity and work efficiency

  • Flexible working time (core time from 9:30 to 16:30)

  • Enjoy social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance according to the regulations issued by the State.

  • Maternity allowance for female employees.

  • Annual travel regime and participate in regular team-building activities.


Offered Salary

1,500 $ - 3,000 $


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