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QC Engineer in IT Market - Concept and Career

Along with developers, QA, QC Engineer plays an important part in the software development process. QC is both a tool and a process to help improve and release software in the best status.

QC Definition

As for the term, QC refers to:

QC Engineer (abbreviation of Quality Control) is the person responsible for performing software quality inspection. In normally, there are 2 QC positions: Manual QC (nonrequired programming skills) and Automation QC (required programming skills).

If QA approach in process, QC approach product aspect. It is interested in operations and techniques to fulfill quality requirements.

QC is the process at the M&C stage but starts in the beginning of project. And this is a reactive method that means when a defect is detected, there is a corrective response, it is not as proactive as in QA.

The objective of QC Engineer is to ensure that deliverables have no defect-free and accepted in the quality requirements. If the deliverables are not as required, QC Engineer needs to have a repair.

QC Engineer

QC Tester Career

The main tasks of QC Engineer are:

  • Learn the system, analyze descriptive documents on the system and design test case. In addition, QC also performs software testing before delivering to customers.

  • Plan for testing (usually done by QC Leader).

  • Write scripts for Automation Test (if automation testing is applied).

  • Use test tools to create and execute detailed test cases / scripts.

  • Coordinate with the programming team in fixing bugs and report detail for Project Manager or other related parties depending on the project.

  • Unlike PQA, the need to recruit QC Engineer or SQA is very much in every software company because testing is an important step in the product development process. QC and PQA will interact with each other as:

  • PQA provides workflow for product development team. Including the Testing phase, determine QC for which stage to test the product, which tool to use, and at which standard is the fulfil requirement product.

  • QC enforces the process set by PQA.

  • PQA monitors, follows and checks whether QC is performing properly or not. Then edit it to suit the progress and status of the project.

  • QC reports test results for Lead QC / QC Manager. PQA reports the results of the product development process implementation for Project Manager.

QC Engineer

QC Engineer Skills and Improvement

Essential skills for QC Engineer

  • Code skills (if you do Automation QC Engineer)

  • QC Engineer must have a good knowledge of all functions and aspects of the product. So, they can review the requirements.

  • QC Engineer need to be careful and careful. Because this work requires extreme accuracy and attention to every problematic aspect of the product.

  • Good communication skill. Because QC Engineer has to work with many other members in the team and especially conveying their opinions and feedback with Developer, Project Manager.

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