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Why Vietnam Is Becoming The Biggest Technology Hub?

As the country gets increasingly industrialized, Vietnam hopes to be a worldwide digital center. It has begun to pique the interest of international investors. To have the best global recruitment service, Vietnam has progressed to improve the overall tech skills of Vietnamese developers and develop more tech hubs and tech centers to attract IT talents in Vietnam. In this article, let’s find out how Vietnam can become the biggest technology hub in the world.

Why Is Vietnam Becoming The Biggest Technology Hub?
Why Is Vietnam Becoming The Biggest Technology Hub?

1. Vietnam has strong IT resources

When compared to its southeast Asian neighbors, one of Vietnam's assets is that it produces a large number of outstanding programmers. According to a 2019 report, about 25,000 Vietnamese developers graduate from Vietnam universities each year.

This is because Vietnamese kids now have more interaction with computers and software at an early age, which is why there are so many IT talents in Vietnam. And In Mathematical Olympiads and International Physics, Vietnamese high school students frequently have very good results.

Vietnam has strong IT resources
Figure 1. Vietnam has a strong foundation in IT resources

Not only that, by grade 4 (ages 9-10), kids in Vietnam begin to program in Logo, a multi-paradigm computer programming language widely utilized in the educational system.

Vietnam has strong IT resources
Figure 2. MSWLogo is designed for Vietnamese primary students

By Grade 5, they are writing procedures that contain loops and invoking procedures that contain loops (age 10-11). This will help the next-gen Vietnamese developers have a stronger foundation and more tech skills.

2. Vietnam’s government is making significant efforts to enhance infrastructure and the environment.

A smart city uses technology to manage and improve quality of life, improve services, and use energy resources more efficiently. The government is putting schemes in place to construct smart cities and tech hubs around the country.

The government is concentrating on cloud computing infrastructure, big data, data warehouses/data centers, security-monitoring centers, and the development of an open data ecosystem. It has made investments in smart cities around Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Vietnam’s government is making significant efforts to enhance infrastructure and the environment.
Figure 3. There is more and more IT infrastructure is being built in Vietnam

Here are several examples: In 2016, the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City collaborated with Microsoft on smart city efforts, including the development of a cloud-based platform for real-time monitoring of city traffic, parking spots, and public bus routes.

And The Vietnam Government is providing incentives for enterprises to be involved in big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IOTs) in many tech hubs. The country's IT infrastructure has significantly improved, which will meet the demand for global recruitment services.

3. The most important things: IT and business process outsourcing are becoming more popular

Business process outsourcing ("BPO") is becoming more popular in Vietnam. Its BPO sector is following in the footsteps of India and the Philippines. According to 2019 AT Kearney Global Services Location Index, Vietnam is placed fifth. And according to the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association, the software business in Vietnam generated $8.8 billion in revenue in 2018.

Japanese IT firms regularly use ITO and BPO services in Vietnam. According to the research, Vietnam presently employs over 20,000 people for Japanese corporations in both offshore software development and business process outsourcing. There is also a sizable Chinese community in Vietnam.


Even though there are still numerous hurdles, Vietnam is striving to become a leading country in the field of technology, particularly in software outsourcing services. So, right now is a great time if you are planning on doing business in Vietnam.

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