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We are looking for Data Scientists Manager who would like to participate in the project to use existing various data to apply to AI, moreover, combine with other data to create new value and also manage AI Lab organization with other management members (at least 15 members)

Example of data using various projects

  • Data of medical examination results, medical questionnaire results or images of them in the health check, or a general medical examination.

  • Data of athletes' training results and vitality.

  • Pregnancy activities data of pregnant women.

  • Life data such as weather and navigation.

  • Text data such as newspapers.

Example of application

  • By combining and analyzing Healthcare data such as medical examination/ medical questionnaire results and labor data such as mental health checks and overtime records etc., we can find out future health risks at an earlier stage.

Programming Language

  • Python, R, MATLAB, SPSS

  • Java, JavaScript, Golang, Haskell, Erlang/Elixir is a plus.

Currently, development is mainly in Python. It is good to understand object thinking programming in Java etc. It is also good if you have parallel processing experience in the server-side language (Golang, etc.).

Operational Environment

  • AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft AZURE, Redmine, GitHub, etc.


We seek an experienced person who has learned the data sciences themselves deeply and also experiences for managing the AI Lab in particular.

  • Having experience in managing an organization (at least having experience for 10 members)

  • Having experience in Human Management for Data Scientist

  • Having experience as Project Manager for AI / Data Science Project.

  • Having experience in building up / improving for process

  • Having experience in building up / improving for organization issues (Training/Skill up/ quality of project /coding skill/ evaluation/ recruitment/ improvement customer comfort etc.)

  • Having skills for leadership for projects and organization issues.

  • Having experience training data scientists.

  • Having experience leading a project team.

  • Have a great ambition and ability to study the most leading-edge research by yourself and apply them to your own development.

  • Have technical skills and creativity to build new technologies from scratch by yourself if it is necessary but does not exist yet.

  • Have experience in research and study related to Statistical Mathematics such as Regression analysis, SVM, or Information theory.

  • Have taken part in research/business about AI, Machine Learning, Natural language processing (NLP), Neural network, and so on.

  • Have experience in research and study related to Engineering and Science, Econometrics, Behavior Psychology, Medical statistics, and so on.

  • Have working experience in Statistical Analysis or Data Scientists.

  • English skill: Be able to use your English reading skill to gain information related to AI.


Salary range: Negotiate


Offered Salary



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