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Junior / Middle / Senior

Ho Chi Minh City



  • Study and master original designs of a wide range of game genres.

  • Constantly create and pitch new ideas for games.

  • Creatively modify, adapt or produce gameplay contents, concepts, level layouts and designs.

  • Making sure that the rest of the team (including programmers, artists, animators, and audio engineers) understand the concept of the game.

  • Making adjustments to the original specification to reflect technical constraints and new programming or artistic developments from the team.

  • Play the game from a players point of view.

  • Training testers to play the game and make sure that it works in the way it is meant to.

  • Work with artists and programmers to make sure the game experience meets the original vision.


  • Great at creative thinking, decision making, problem-solving, and knowing how to learn.

  • Well organized and working in a methodical manner.

  • Innovative and imaginative with the box mindset.

  • Good eye and understanding of high aesthetics and visual design qualities

  • Attention to details

  • Up to date with trends in the casual gaming industry.

  • Passionate and enthusiastic about 2D and 3D video games in a wide variety of genres and on various gaming platforms (Mobile, Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, PC, etc).

  • Good understanding of their environments, control systems, and general usability rules.

  • Thorough understanding of video games and their commercial appeal to the general public.

  • Good interpersonal skills, good at teamwork.

  • Well organized and result-oriented

  • Deliver high-quality works under high pressure and within strict deadlines.

  • Good English writing skills, ability to document ideas, concepts, and design systematically and in a style that is easy to understand.

  • Work well in a team and alone, take criticism well, be able to adapt quickly to change

** Nice to have:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in information technology, or art/multimedia, or graphic design. In your application, please list down video games and platforms you have played.


Salary range: Up to 1000$ gross


Offered Salary

800 $ - 1,000 $


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