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Can IT Become A QA Tester With Non-It Background?

Every product needs to meet the user’s expectations. That includes a company’s website, apps, projects, and many more. And QA testers are in great demand, so what do you know about software tester jobs, and does software tester require an IT background?

QA Tester
QA Tester

1. What is QA testing?

Depending on the project that needs to be reviewed, software testing engineers can play a variety of roles. The first decision is whether to conduct manual or automated testing. We have previously written about actual and emulated system research, which is also a subject of interest for those starting in IT as QA engineers.

What is QA testing?
Figure 1. QA testing ensures the quality of the company products or services

Before beginning the testing process, testing experts typically communicate extensively with developers and other teams to ensure that the specifications are clear. There are various forms of testing, and a highly trained QA Tester is capable of performing all of them:

  • Compatibility

  • Performance

  • Functional

  • Load

  • Security

  • Regression

  • Usability

QA testers who can find the vulnerabilities that are the most likely to cause significant issues inside the code are in the best place to determine what needs to be prioritized to produce a great application.

2. What skills are required to be a QA tester?

Knowing how to code is important. But you don’t need to have an IT background to become a good QA testing, getting the resources to learn software development can only help you become a more competitive QA tester. From detecting bugs to ensuring the final product is simple and easy to use, tester jobs have a wide variety of responsibilities that necessitate a diverse set of skills. From meticulous attention to detail to the opportunity to delve deeply into the data you're reporting and prioritize fixes for bugs throughout the code.

The following skills should be considered "essentials" to correct, actionable, and effective QA testing for the right credentials and skills to have as a QA:

  • Skills to solve the problem: Not only is QA testing about discovering bugs in the code, but it is also about prioritizing the bugs that need to be fixed the most.

What skills are required to be a QA tester?
Figure 2. Problem-solving skills are essential with QA tester position
  • Understanding how the Software works: Understanding how the Software works (and how it is developed) can give you a significant advantage in your career when employers discover you have experience with software development. One of the best reasons why it's a good idea to know how to code as a QA tester is that people who know how to code usually have good thinking skills.

  • Have good communication skills: There is a common misconception that QA testing is a method that does not require much contact or collaboration. QA testing entails a lot of back-and-forth between project stakeholders to come up with the best product.

  • Discipline: Since QA testing can be a very repetitive operation, it is easy to lose concentration after long periods of analyzing and reporting. Since so much of the job can seem tedious, QA testers must be disciplined to complete it. Finding bugs can be a time-consuming operation, particularly when testing a large-scale application on a variety of hardware and software combinations.

3. How’s the career role of QA testing?

How’s the career role of QA testing?
Figure 3. QA tester has different job demands depend on the position

Most technology companies require software developers and doing tester jobs to ensure the overall quality of their digital products. Furthermore, as tech companies begin to recognize the importance of user experience (UX), the market for QA engineers is growing.

According to the Stack Overflow site, QA was one of the fastest-growing goals in 2017, indicating that there is a rise in demand for QA testers but not enough eligible people to fill these roles. If you find QA testing to be an appealing career path, there are numerous opportunities available to you.


Yes, you can become a QA tester without an IT background, but you will need to learn on your own to become a software tester. And A professional QA tester is usually required to perform web, mobile, and desktop application quality assurance.

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