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The Hardest Programming Code Language To Learn For The Coder

You may have composed your first code in programming with JavaScript, C#, or C++ and you already feel learning to code is too hard. But no, there are so many programming languages that it is much harder for you to code and learn its tech skills will be impossible with almost everyone.

Hardest Code
Hardest Programming Code

1. Brainfuck

Only look at the name and you can already feel that this is the hardest code language that humans ever created. Brainfuck was created in 1993 by Urban Muller and the main purpose to create this language was to write minimal lines of code.

This language operates in an array of memory cells and there are only 8 commands defined in this language to write any program. But the result as we can see, it is really complicated and coding in this language is way too difficult.

Figure 1. A simple hello world program is written in Brainfuck

2. Intercal

Like Brainfuck programming language, Intercal doesn't have any pronounceable abbreviation and it was created back in 1972 by Don Woods and James M. Lyon when both of them were understudies at Princeton University. Makers of this programming language included catchphrases like Readout, Ignore, Please, Forget, and moreover to make this language easy to use.

Figure 2. A hello world program write for Intercal

The clever thing about intercal is that it expects 4 Please watch words in code to check the developer’s pleasantness. On the off chance that it will be less, the code will not execute in light of the fact that it will consider the software engineer is deficiently considerate. In the event that it will be at least 5 than 5, additionally, it will not execute on the grounds that it will consider the developer is excessively amenable.

3. Whitespace

Whitespace is another hardest code language introduced by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris. In this specific programming language, space, tab, and linefeeds have meaning. The interpreter ignores all the non-whitespace characters. Whitespace is an imperative stack-based language and the virtual machines on which the program runs have heap and stack, and the developer needs lots of tech skills to master this language too.

Figure 3. All the whitespace is programming language need to write hello world

Fun fact, Whitespace was released on the 1st of April 2003 (April fools day).

4. Malbolge

Malbolge is one of the hardest programming languages. Maybe nobody believes it, but after this programming language goes public, it took 2 years for the most tech skill developer to write the first Malbolge program, just imagine now how difficult it is? It is said to be that the author of Malbolge programming language has never been coding a single program. It is a public domain esoteric programming language created by Ben Olmsted in 1998.

Figure 4. Who can remember all that code to write a hello world program?

5. Cow Programming Language

Cow programming language was introduced at some point in mid-2013. It was planned with the cow-like in the brain. Cows have restricted jargon abilities, so the developer acquires the words known by them.

The directions language comprises various varieties of 'moo' that is, moO, MoO, mOo, mOO, Moo, etc. It is a case-touchy language and different words and images in the middle of the guidelines of the language are disregarded.

Cow Programming Language
Figure 5. A hello world program is written in the cow programming language


Hopefully, when you finish reading these articles, you will know that your current bug in your project written in C or C++ or C# or whatever common programming language is still much easier to learn and to have more tech skills when compared to those hardest code languages.

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