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Tips To Have Better Results When Working With Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies help big companies save time and costs and help startups/ small companies by letting them tap into the broad networks of job candidates the specialized recruiters cultivate. So how can you increase results when working with a recruitment services company?

1. Research online about the recruitment services company

Much of the skepticism and apprehension about choosing recruitment services company from previous bad experiences with them or negative stories from reliable sources. Fortunately, we live in an age of technology and online reviews, so we don't have to look far to learn more about each agency.

Find out as much as you can about the recruitment agency you want to work with, whether you use Google, Linkedin, Facebook... Because reviews can be skewed, look for consistency in the clients' feedback before making a snap decision.

2. Always be direct about your demand

We, as a recruitment services company in Vietnam, will appreciate it if our customers communicate about their company's needs and the timeline for hiring someone. It's also a good idea for your agency representatives to come and see your office. This gives them a better understanding of your company's culture, working environment, and, most importantly, the type of person who is likely to succeed at your company.

This information also helps the recruiter in determining whether temporary, part-time, or full-time employees are the best fit for your needs. Some recruitment firms are uniquely qualified to offer advice on implementing a flexible hiring strategy. Not every job necessitates a full-time employee. You can address workload peaks and gain access to specialized expertise by hiring interim professionals through a reputable recruitment firm, and you only pay for what you need.

3. Make use of recruitment company resource

Encourage your employees to use the training resources provided by the recruitment services company if they are available to registered candidates. This training enables you to hire a capable worker with a diverse skill set and industry expertise. Professionals can improve their on-the-job skills for free, which is beneficial to all parties involved. New faces in the office can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. As full-time employees go about their jobs, a temporary professional brought in for skills not available internally can impart a degree of specialized knowledge.

4. Ensure your team and recruitment services have the same culture

Hiring employees who don't fit in with the company's current or desired culture can result in poor work quality, low job satisfaction, and a potentially toxic environment. You'll need to first define your company's core values, beliefs, behaviors, and experiences before selecting a recruitment firm that reflects them. This will make it easier for the recruiter to find and understand candidates who share your values.

5. Negotiation about the price and costs before working with them

Our recruitment services company typically charges a fee that is based on the number of candidates placed within your company and is calculated as a percentage of the annual salary. So you should check with their terms and conditions carefully.

You must decide whether the fees associated with using an external agency outweigh the costs of conducting an internal search. Take into account both the monetary costs and the potential benefits of a better hire.

6. Don't expect too much about candidates they bring to you

Discuss your agency about the job market so you can figure out what types of candidates you can expect to find within your budget. Run through the various ways you can adjust your job expectations and/or conditions to fit that budget if necessary. Flexible working arrangements and employee benefits can often compensate for a lower salary. Determine what best reflects your requirements and make the necessary adjustments to your work environment.


That all the tips you should know to have better results when working with a recruitment services company. Your benefit not only can show as the result but also the experience and the professionalism you can feel.

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