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What Is The QA/QC Engineer, And What Is He Doing On-Site?

Building software/websites are like building a house. We need a human resource, material, project blueprint, and a team to supervise the construction process and ensure the project’s quality. But, of course, that’s the responsibility of the QA/QC engineer, so how’s the QA/QC career path in the tech world?

	What Is The Qa/Qc Engineer, And What Is He Doing On-Site?
What Is The Qa/Qc Engineer, And What Is He Doing On-Site?

1. What is the QA/QC engineer?

The QA/QC career path is to assure the quality of their company's or client’s products (if they work in a recruitment agency) by participating at each stage of the product's creation, beginning with development and finishing with packing. In addition to honoring their company's requirements, QA/QC Engineers must comply with product quality and employee safety standards established by state and federal legislation.

What is the QA/QC engineer?
Figure 1. QA/QC role is to help the final product meet the quality requirement

2. All the skills QA/QC engineer need

Being a QA/QC Engineer is not a straightforward job that anyone can do if they lack the necessary abilities. JT1, as a famous recruitment agency in Vietnam, describes that to be considered for this position, a person must possess the following abilities:

About core skills:

  • Outstanding writing and verbal communication abilities

  • Extremely detail-oriented ability to work in a cross-functional team environment

  • Excellent troubleshooting abilities

  • Knowledge of product development and production processes is required.

  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills

  • Ability to manage numerous projects at the same time

  • PC software competency

All the skills QA/QC engineer need
Figure 2. They need to have good skills in using and control software

Advance skills that good to have:

  • Understanding of scripting and coding languages (in the technology sector)

  • Understanding of the quality systems of the International Organization for Standardization

  • Understanding of the quality systems used by the Society of Automotive Engineers (in the automotive and aerospace sectors)

  • Working knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration repair stations (in the aerospace sector)

3. What’s the responsibility of the QA/QC engineer?

To promote effective and clean code, as well as ensure quality standards for the products being produced, QA/QC Engineers perform several tasks. We combed through several jobs as a recruitment agency standard to find these critical QA/QC Engineer roles and responsibilities.

  • Information relay

No matter how many problems a QA/QC Engineer can discover, if he or she fails to communicate with the relevant individuals, no change will occur. When an issue is detected, it is the responsibility of the QA/QC Engineer to report it to upper-level management and to alter the behaviors of lower-level personnel to prevent repeating the problem until a solution is found.

  • Analyze problems

Identifying faults in products and processes is one of the most critical tasks of a QA/QC engineer. To do this, they must be experts in their organization's products as well as have a thorough grasp of previous difficulties encountered by the company. For example, a QA/QC Engineer working for an aircraft firm must be aware of difficulties that can emerge with aerospace parts and machinery to solve new problems.

  • Solve problems

QA/QC Engineers play an important role in the problem-solving process. In addition to finding problems, the QA/QC engineer proposes solutions, frequently collaborating with a cross-functional team to produce a long-term solution.

What’s the responsibility of the QA/QC engineer?
Figure 3. Analyze and solve problems is critical for QA/QC engineer
  • Able to develop testing methods

A QA/QC Engineer must master existing testing methods and develop new ones to discover and fix problems.

Anyone considering applying for such a position should be aware of the responsibilities and stress that come with the job, one QA employee who works for the JT1 recruitment agency said. Staying late at work is something that many of my coworkers and I do. Knowing that if you miss something during testing, it would reflect poorly on the entire firm is another difficult adjustment.


The QA/QC career path is heavy and their responsibility is massive, this role might not be suitable for everybody. But if you want the best QA or QC staff to work for you, JT1 can help.

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