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Technical Leader

Ho Chi Minh City



We are looking for a Frontend Lead who performs leadership functions including, but not limited to 

  • Defining the objectives of the Frontend team 

  • Also works as a Senior Frontend Engineer in a team 

  • Design and architect frontend platforms and solutions 

  • Mentor and support team members 

  • Distribute and balance work scopes for each phase of product development that is appropriate for each team member. 

  • Ensure that the team is well-organized, structured, logical, and capable of self-development and task completion. 

You will have the opportunity to focus on the aspects of the job that you enjoy the most. Specifically, you will: 

  • Engineer the next generation of User Interface development for our platform using modern technologies and a long-term vision. 

  • Leverage your experience with ReactJS to iteratively build a new structure of tools and methodologies 

  • Collaborate tightly with architecture, product, and back-end teams to gain feedback and ensure your solutions are effectively bringing value. 

  • Write Automated Tests for robust development. 

  • Perform code reviews on other team members’ work.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in any relevant major (e.g. Information Technology, Computer Science, etc.). 

  • Proficiency in English (both verbal and written). 

  • 5+ years of practical experience with ReactJS. 

  • Having experience in leading software development projects. 

  • Having previous full-stack/ backend experience is a strong plus. 

  • Strong JavaScript / TypeScript programming skills.

  • A strong fundamental understanding of software development. 

  • A passion for intellectual challenges. 

  • Open-minded, comfortable with exploring off the beaten path. 

  • Strong self-discipline for delivering well-tested, complete features/modules under a tight schedule and the capability for rational thinking


Salary range: Up to 4000$ gross + monthly bonus


Offered Salary

3,000 $ - 4,000 $


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