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Ho Chi Minh City



Project Management and Execution

  • Carry out detailed design, implementation, testing, release, and maintenance for new projects - where requirements definition, and basic design have been done on the Japan side

  • Compatible with some basic designs (BPMN diagram, ERD diagram, system configuration diagram)

  • Review source code, unit test item documents, conduct acceptance testing, confirm quality

  • Manage the progress of development work and report its timely and accurate progress to the Japan head office

Interpretation/Translation Work

  • Understand the content of specification/design documents created by Japanese designers and accurately translate them into Vietnamese

  • Give clear instructions to the engineers at the Vietnam branch based on the translated specification/design documents.

  • Understand the content of questions and consultations from Japanese designers accurately and respond in an understandable manner

Communication and Collaboration

  • Facilitate smooth progress of meetings in Japan with the management team and development leaders at the Japan head office

  • Manage tasks received within the branch, bridge business between the two

Team/ Personnel Management

  • Listen to and organize consultations and issues from Vietnamese engineer members, work towards a resolution

  • Selection, interview, education, and evaluation of engineer candidates at the Vietnam branch

  • General human resource management tasks such as attendance management and personnel evaluation of resident engineers


  • Practical experience in comprehensively managing the development cycle in the downstream process of system development

  • Ability to judge the technical resources and human resources needed to establish the development cycle

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, guide the organization to achieve its goals while promoting cooperation/coordination with the engineering team or different departments

  • Excellent job performance skills, you can behave as a model employee at the base

  • Ability to pledge to carry out your duties sincerely as a bridge engineer

  • The desire for self-learning and the ability to adapt and solve problems flexibly

  • Comprehensive work experience as an engineer throughout the entire development process, including detailed design, development, testing, and maintenance operations.

  • Extensive practical knowledge in the web/IT field

  • Experience building systems using AWS/Google Cloud

  • Experience with development, practical work using any of the following (at least one from the both FE and BE categories) - experience duration not required: Front-end: React, Vue3, TypeScript, Sass, HTML; Back-end: Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP; Frameworks: RoR, Django, Flask, CakePHP, Laravel, Express, Nuxt3, Next

  • Proficient in spoken and written, capable of smooth business conversations with Japanese management

  • Ability to read and write at a level where one can understand the specification documents created by Japanese engineers and translate them so that Vietnamese development members can understand

  • For native Vietnamese, a proficiency equivalent to N2 or higher on the Japanese

  • A language Proficiency Test or native-level Japanese proficiency is preferred.

  • Ability to perform duties and demonstrate integrity that earns the trust of management as a bridge engineer

  • Problem-solving and decision-making abilities

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Effective project management and time management for subordinates’ tasks

  • Proactive and self-initiated attitude

  • Ability to inspire team members and promote growth with leadership skills


Working location: District 4, HCM

Salary range: Up to USD 3,500 Gross


Offered Salary

2,500 $ - 3,500 $


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