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How Manpower Agency In Vietnam Work To Support Your Business?

Finding great qualified talent can be challenging, particularly for those who not only meet your company's technical needs but also resonate with your company's vision, values, and culture. Because of this, many businesses rely on a manpower agency in Vietnam to meet their hiring needs. In this article, we will show you some brief information about how every manpower agencies work.

How Does A Manpower Agency Operate?

A manpower agency in Vietnam (or anywhere in the world) acts as a middleman for businesses looking for workers and individuals looking for employment. It follows that there are two categories of clients for manpower agencies: employers and job seekers. They are frequently employed by businesses to fill staffing gaps. Professional staffing firms are well-versed in a variety of industries. They are aware of the talent that is available in a specific industry, the difficulties of hiring, salary ranges, etc.

Many businesses find that hiring from outside sources is an expensive and time-consuming process, so they hire a staffing agency in Vietnam to help with this process. Expert staffing agencies do more than just provide their clients with a list of potential candidates. Instead, they examine the profiles of the available candidates, verifying their qualifications, experience, and so on. Manpower agencies assist organizations in hiring skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled employees for various roles.

manpower agency in Vietnam
Figure 1. Manpower agency act like middlemen between job seekers and recruiters

Not only that, but a manpower supply agency can also assist job seekers. They find suitable jobs for candidates easily because they have a large network in various industries. They thoroughly examine each candidate's profile and look for job openings that match their education, skill, and experience. This is how expert manpower agencies assist organizations and candidates in finding what they are looking for.

Should You Hire A Manpower Agency In Vietnam?

Recruitment costs can be a burden for any company, particularly foreign firms doing business in Vietnam. Hiring the wrong person may even result in extra costs. Furthermore, you will have to spend more time conducting the recruitment process. However, if you hire a manpower agency, you will never have to face these difficulties, even if you end up hiring the wrong person. Manpower agencies will handle the majority of the recruitment process for you, saving you time. You can also request more options if you are dissatisfied with the employees you hired in the first place.

A manpower agency assists businesses in analyzing and understanding their manpower requirements in order to quickly find talent that is a perfect fit for their organizations. One of the main reasons companies hire manpower agencies is to save time and resources spent searching for talent. Over 80% of recruiters' time is spent finding and attracting talent.

manpower agency in Vietnam
Figure 2. Working with a manpower agency in Vietnam will save you time that you can put to better use

Furthermore, because manpower agencies are in the recruiting business, they are experts at finding, screening, scanning, assessing, and interviewing the right candidates for your company. They are always up to date on the latest trends in employment and the job market, including salaries, hiring trends, and in-demand skills. Working with them can assist you in making better, faster, and more informed hiring decisions.


A manpower agency in Vietnam can significantly improve the quality of candidates you recruit while also expediting the recruitment process. Working with a manpower consultancy firm with extensive recruiting experience is a wise business decision for growing your company and achieving your objectives.

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