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What Makes An Executive Search Agency Become A Top-Notch Company In Viet

Vietnam is one of the hottest IT industry locations in recent years, there are many foreign companies are planning to have their own office in Vietnam. That leverage the race between recruitment agency, but what c make an executive search agency outperform its competitor?

Extensive Expertise In The It Industry

To find qualified talents for your company, you need an executive search team with expertise specific to your industry. The executive search agency should have resources dedicated to your vertical, including a senior partner and team members who understand what it takes from a talent perspective to drive success and growth.

An Organized Executive Search Plan

A successful executive search agency requires a well-defined strategy. The search process can be challenging and complex, requiring the identification and assessment of a wide range of individuals to pinpoint those very few who meet their customer-specific needs. Not only that but finding your next leader is an art and a science, not a shot in the dark. They should have the ability to find and recruit the best people in the market, not just the best people in their network. This is the key difference between securing a ‘good’ vs. a ‘great’ pool of executive talent.

executive search agency
Figure 1. Top-notch executive search agencies will have a clear plan to find the talented candidate

Credibility And Relationships

To find the executive talent that everyone in your industry is talking about, that top-notch executive search agency must have the credibility to engage them.

Confidentiality is also a key consideration when conducting an executive search, particularly when you are replacing an incumbent leader. Your executive search firm should have a proven track record of representing companies with professionalism and discretion. And not be afraid to ask for references to assess the firm’s reputation among clients and business communities.

They Are Fully Transparent In The Talent Search Process

With a top-tier Vietnam executive search agency, your search process shouldn’t be kept a secret from you. They should openly share information at each stage of the process rather than telling you we have some good candidates in the pipeline. They should be willing to tell you exactly how many they have reached out to and how many are interested and engaged.

executive search agency
Figure 2. Top-notch executive search agencies will always be transparent about the way they work and progress

To perform an informed and targeted search, your firm must have a technology platform capable of triangulating information to deliver advanced analytics on what candidates are out there and which ones are right for you.

They Can Support Their Customer In The Long Term

executive search agency that understands their client’s industry and has worked with companies on a trajectory similar to yours should understand the required personas to support your growth. The team should have connections with these individuals through its network - and know how to find them. And when you find a partner like this, they will be well-equipped to present you with candidates who are more likely to thrive within your particular environment and play a key role in your success because they intimately know your business.

They Are Always Changing For The Good Reason

The success of your company is highly dependent upon those leading it. The last thing you want is to reach the end of an extensive and costly search process with a pool of “good” candidates and be forced to choose one out of necessity. Not only that, top-notch executive search agencies in Vietnam always update to the latest IT industry trends worldwide, also changing the way they work ( for the better, faster, and more satisfied customers).


Companies that want to work with an executive search agency may be unsure where to begin, but those that evaluate potential partners based on their reputations for meeting the criteria listed above will be well on their way.

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