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Tech Recruitment Agencies In Vietnam - Everything You Need To Find Out


Tech recruitment agencies can act as the intermediary from plants looking to employ well-qualified applicants to the candidates who are hunting for a new job. They get different job roles, such as filtering and controlling offers. In this post, you will gain a deeper understanding of the technical recruitment agencies across Vietnam.

1. Do tech recruitment agencies get paid for a wide range of interviews?

Recruiters can not get paid something for interviews; they are particularly compensated if the employer can recruit an applicant who has been interviewed via the hiring firm.

What ways could you implement for the recruitment agency for your full benefit?

Here are some main steps that you need to consider carefully:

1.1 Do a research

Set up what firms operate with the market which you need to chase up a career and determine which is ideal for you. When you get near a new consultant, do not be scared to ask who they have operated with and how long they can be with their service: longevity might show a great consultant.

1.2 Be selective

When moving to the job market, new applicants are fond of being recognized. Even though there are some restraints in how many firms you might enroll with making it for a lot of agencies proves there is a potential risk of your CV being submitted to a similar employer with an attractive position many times.

1.3 Collaborate

A relationship with your human resource function is crucial, and you might do that by answering their calls right away. Enquiring updates on the app even shows you are caring for the app’s progression.

2. Top 5 ideal Tech Recruitment Agencies in Vietnam

2.1 JT1 - Leading IT Recruitment Agency

JT1 is the leading tech hiring firm focusing on software and IT hiring or offshore campaigns around Vietnam. This plant possesses a wide range of years of expertise in seeking and recruiting more engineers or different CTOs. (Chief technical officer).

2.2 HUFR recruitment

HUFR was founded in 2017, and the target is to assist your organization in situating time-saving hiring solutions for the perfect suitable applicant. The corporation inspires to be the leading hiring firm for hospitality around our nation.

2.3 BPO.MP

When it comes to a company with more than 2,000 specialist workers who are hunting the quick and precise data outsourcing services, this company might be your initial pick. Next, BPO.MP provides a wide range of services, fluctuating between creating your database and inputting your data or structuring it in the template which fits your therapy demands to enhance efficiency.

2.4 TSC

TSC is the JT1 brand – A domestic leading cutting-edge tech hiring firm. As an extra service to greater assist technical agencies around the world, TSC is run to meet investor demands. Next, TSC particularly focuses on the software staffing services to Singapore and Australia markets which need to set up a leading quality group of employees around our nation.

2.5 9CV9 tech hiring agency

Established in 2016, over 100 agencies have supported employment technical expertise from Vue, Ruby, and so forth. With clients around Asia, this company is located in Singapore and Vietnam.

Besides, 9CV9 makes hiring easy and productive. Its job and applicant tracking system makes corporations post jobs rapidly and monitor candidates as a whole.

Final thoughts

That’s all about the top five leading tech recruitment agencies in Vietnam. Last but not least, we hope you can find it useful after reading this article.


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