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How To Work With Overseas Recruitment Agencies In Vietnam?

Recruiting new employees is time-consuming and costly, and the costs rise if you make a poor choice, so working with a recruitment agency is the better choice. But should you choose to work with overseas recruitment agencies in Vietnam or collaborate with native Vietnam agencies?

1. What are the similarities between native and overseas recruitment agencies in Vietnam?

1.1) They both have the same process to choose a suitable candidate for you

Both types of recruitment agencies link employers and employees, identifying top talent, vetting candidates, and presenting the most qualified candidates to clients.

To have the best result when using recruitment agency services, you need to ensure the following things:

  • Set clear and reasonable goals: When starting your recruitment process, consider whether you're looking to fill specific business needs or busy periods of the year. This will assist you in determining whether you need a permanent or temporary employee.

  • Have a small interview before working with that recruitment agency: Every recruitment agency is different. Working with an agency that has demonstrated expertise in recruiting in your specialty or sector is critical for your organization to get the best outcomes.

  • Ensure your budget meets the services price: While it may seem self-evident, it's crucial to ensure the agency's services are within your budget. A recruitment agency's fees are determined by many factors, including the number of positions to be filled, the type of jobs to be filled and their seniority, and the expected salary bracket of the position, to name a few.

1.2) They can extend your reach to the best talent

A recruitment agency will have access to the most qualified candidates. This includes candidates who are looking for work as well as a talent who is currently employed somewhere else.

Finding the right candidates can be difficult at times because they are scarce. If candidates do not declare themselves to be "seeking employment," they are more likely to have a trusted, specialist recruiter submit job applications on their behalf – giving them access to a "talent pool" that would otherwise be unavailable.

Each consultant at a recruitment agency has the potential to use their networks to help connect you with the right people.

2. Difference between native and overseas recruitment agencies in Vietnam

2.1) Working style

Vietnamese people are usually punctual. But in Vietnamese working culture, being about 5 minutes late is also common.

But when at the meeting, Vietnamese people usually take meetings at work and look not relaxed. On the other hand, overseas recruitment agencies in Vietnam may not be too serious like that, and they have a regular break so everyone can calm down and think about what needs to discuss next.

Vietnamese culture has a much higher tolerance for sexual harassment than Western culture. As a result, many behaviors considered sexual harassment in Western cultures might not be considered so in Vietnam. In general, Vietnamese people believe that sexual harassment must involve physical contact.

2.2) Entertainment

Vietnamese employees usually do not have break-time; they work from 8 AM to 12 PM, then they have lunch for around an hour and start afternoon work till 5 PM.

After that, they usually go to a "street restaurant" to have a beer, drink, eat, and chill with each other.

Employees from overseas recruitment agencies in Vietnam want a regular break, and they don't like to eat and drink after work.


Working with a recruitment agency is the best way to start a business. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can now decide which kind of recruitment agency that suitable for your business.

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