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List Of Recruitment Agencies In Vietnam That You Should Take Note

A small business needs time to hire new employees. Reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and setting salaries take up valuable time that a business owner could be spending on other tasks, which could eventually hurt the company, particularly in Vietnam, where there are so many rivals. Because of this, some companies work with staffing agencies, and you can pick one of the best employment agencies from this list of recruitment agencies in Vietnam.

1. Alcor

Alcor is a multinational staffing company that focuses on filling technical positions for manufacturers of IT products. They can assist you in Romania, Poland, and other Eastern European nations in setting up your remote development team.

list of recruitment agencies in Vietnam
Figure 1. Alcor mainly operates in Europe, but they have an office in Vietnam

They can give access to the more than 600,000 IT professionals in the area thanks to their practical experience in local markets and their 40 on-board tech recruiters.

2. Devsdata LLC

They make the claim that they are a Premium Tech Recruitment company that focuses on challenging projects. They excel at thorough candidate vetting and extraordinarily high client satisfaction rates.

Here is a quote from their website that explains how they operate: "We do not agree with this world and are tired of the pervasive, mischievous BS in the tech industry. Because of this, they made honesty and transparency our company's core values and required them of all of our employees and contractors. So if you value your privacy the most, you can collaborate with the second place on the list of recruitment agencies in Vietnam.

3. JT1 - Leading Tech Recruitment Agency

JT1 is a top outsourcing, payroll, and recruitment agency in Vietnam that was founded in 2018. They are constantly developing and providing the best HR solutions for companies in various industries. In order to become one of the top employment agencies in Vietnam, JT1 offers thousands of elite programmers with significant skills & experience, and the utmost enthusiasm.

 list of recruitment agencies in Vietnam
Figure 1. JT1 - a leading recruitment agency in Vietnam you should definitely take note

Every year, JT1 works with both domestic and international businesses to find excellent Vietnamese workers who can fit into a variety of work cultures. Additionally, JT1 is dedicated to pursuing the candidates they match. They are prepared to assist candidates at every stage, including after onboarding.

To protect the best interests of our partners, the company places a strong emphasis on ongoing improvement. JT1 definitely one of the most reliable in the list of recruitment agencies in Vietnam.

4. Talentplace - Global Recruiting Community Based On Crowd Staffing

Talent Place is a cutting-edge recruiting strategy built on a network of expert recruiters spread across Europe. With the help of our model, we can completely revamp the hiring procedure, making it more successful, efficient, and economical.

Their HR services include hiring, outsourcing the hiring process, staff augmentation for IT, and remote talent acquisition.

5. Cekindo Vietnam

For nearly ten years, Cekindo, a member of the InCorp Group, has served as a dependable business partner, advisor, and counselor to numerous business leaders and organizations in a variety of sectors. The goal of Cekindo is to make your international business profitable locally. Companies and investors looking to enter new markets in South-East Asia can take advantage of Cekindo's market entry services. Cekindo is committed to helping you with every aspect of your business, from business and product registration to visa and work authorization processing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) from any city in Vietnam.

6. Adecco Vietnam

In this list of recruitment agencies in Vietnam, they are the biggest staffing firm in the world. In a nutshell, they specialize in recruitment and offer top-notch payroll and staffing solutions. With over 33,000 passionate employees working in 5,000+ branches across 60 countries and territories, they have you covered. They successfully place hundreds of people each year in novel and exciting careers in Vietnam. Additionally, they can process roughly 7,000 payroll transactions per month, always on time and in confidence, and have about 7,000 associates working at any given time.

list of recruitment agencies in Vietnam
Figure 3. Adecco Vietnam has a wide talent pool that can serve any customer demands


Yes, every company on this list of recruitment agencies in Vietnam wants to assist you in finding the best employees for your business. Still, they can't if you don't communicate your company, your position, and the kind of person you desire for the position clearly and in detail. Therefore, always be truthful about your possessions and aspirations.

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