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Top 3 Recruitment Companies In Vietnam

Let’s take a look at the top three recruitment companies in Vietnam, which offer a variety of services, including conventional consulting firms, outsourced HR services, and website-based HR services. Companies that hire experts in headhunting and recruiting from all fields and industries are known as recruitment companies.

1. Manpower Vietnam

Manpower Vietnam, which was established in 2008 with 100% Manpower Group investment capital, provides labor solutions, HR consulting, and recruitment services. Manpower recruitment companies in Vietnam, in contrast to other headhunters, only concentrate on providing staffing for a few niche industries, including those of insurance, banking, pharmacy, manufacturing, hospitality, and food service. As a result, Manpower has had great success in the employment sector, particularly when it comes to supplying high-level workers.

recruitment companies in Vietnam
Figure 1. Manpower Vietnam has offices in more than 75 countries worldwide

Manpower is the industry leader in contingent and permanent staffing, offering organizations of all sizes a continuum of staffing solutions to improve business agility and competitiveness. Manpower has offices in more than 75 countries and has been in business for more than 70 years.

Manpower can deliver the talent, matching the right person to the right job - faster and with better business results - thanks to our in-depth understanding of staffing trends and our deep pool of highly qualified candidates.

2. JT1 - Leading Tech Recruitment Agency

JT1 is a top outsourcing, payroll, and recruitment agency in Vietnam that was founded in 2018. They are constantly developing and providing the best HR solutions for companies in various industries. In order to become one of the top employment agencies in Vietnam, JT1 offers thousands of elite programmers with significant skills & experience, and the utmost enthusiasm.

recruitment companies in Vietnam
Figure 1. JT1 - a leading recruitment agency in Vietnam you should definitely take note

Every year, JT1 works with both domestic and international businesses to find excellent Vietnamese workers who can fit into a variety of work cultures. Additionally, JT1 is dedicated to pursuing the candidates they match. They are prepared to assist candidates at every stage, including after onboarding.

To protect the best interests of our partners, the company places a strong emphasis on ongoing improvement. JT1 definitely one of the most reliable in the list of recruitment companies in Vietnam. ​

JT1’s specialties:

  • Software engineer recruitment

  • Manpower augmentation/Staffing/BOT

  • Payroll

3. Adecco Vietnam

Adecco Vietnam - a member of the global Adecco Group - is a leading provider of Payroll, Recruitment & HR Outsourcing recruitment companies in Vietnam. They can meet all of your HR needs. With more than 60 years of operation, Adecco Group currently has more than 30,000 enthusiastic employees in more than 5,000 branches in 60 countries and territories worldwide.

Founded in Vietnam in 2011, Adecco helps hundreds of people find new career opportunities each year and serves more than 550 clients in different industries. Plus, at all times, they have about 5,000 associates working for our clients and execute about 5,000 pay transactions per month, 100% on time, compliant and secure.

recruitment companies in Vietnam
Figure 3. Adecco Vietnam is a member of the Adecco Group

Adecco specializes in recruiting and offers top-notch payroll and human resources solutions. Adecco is a dependable resource for helping big businesses with their human resource issues, with more than 33,000 employees spread across 5,000 branches in 60 different countries and territories worldwide.

Adecco Vietnam guarantees that 5000+ monthly salary transactions are always on time and strictly confidential thanks to its more than 5,000 collaborators. Additionally, Adecco Vietnam regularly offers information on the Vietnamese labor market in a variety of sectors and hosts in-depth human resources seminars with a team of more than 120 qualified, committed employees.


You can’t go wrong with the top 3 recruitment companies in Vietnam we mentioned above. But remember, always be honest about your desire and value in order to have the best collaboration experience.

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