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Top Popular Trends of Recruitment In Vietnam That You Should Know

There are a lot of occupation openings than individuals to hire. Therefore, a wide range of corporations is grappling with filling the vacancies. Besides, there are even trends in the hiring process. If you might not chase up the trends, we will make sure that you do not stand out from various organizations that are even searching for potential candidates.

1. What are recruitment and HR in Vietnam?

In our nation, recruiting in HR (Human resources) is the procedure of determining and renting staff for a plant. While the corporation seems to rent, recruiters with the Human Resource function suppose that role by making job listings, screening applicants, and even carrying out interviews.

Recruitment In Vietnam
Figure 1. The quality of Human resources remains a challenge for Vietnam

2. Why is recruitment in Vietnam very crucial?

Recruitment assists in filtering the apps into types of not-qualified, and well-qualified. That supports streamlining the procedure, making it simpler to shortlist individuals who might be ideal for the task and could contribute to the development of companies around Vietnam.

3. Top recruitment trends in Vietnam

3.1 Job description-based position

As usual, hiring staff for all positions is quite tough: they might not need to operate with your organization for a long time, or they will not fit the job demands. It is a period for you to hunt for modern hiring techniques such as campaign-based hiring.

3.2 Versatile working conditions

There are a lot of job hunters who need to look for jobs with versatile working circumstances. A lot of individuals hope to be freelancers. A wide range of others also needs to operate by themselves. Therefore, providing more applicants a lot of chances to be versatile might boost the opportunity they admit to the contract.

Recruitment In Vietnam
Figure 2. Flexible working condition is a new trend in our nation

3.3 Cooperative hiring

Recruiting a good candidate is currently both the Human resources group’s duty and various functions throughout the organization. Collaborative hiring is the hiring technique where the HR (human resource) function of the organization and different functions operate better to look for the suitable individual for the vacancies.

Recruitment In Vietnam
Figure 3. Cooperative hiring matter is becoming popular in Vietnam

3.4 Staff referrals

It is claimed to be among the leading solutions for recruiting new candidates. Staff referrals might even reduce the time and optimize the cost. You can ask your staff, to provide more rewards for individuals who show suitable applicant to fill the vacancies.

3.5 Applicant experience

There are a lot of job opportunities in the current market. As usual, applicants play as the client, and job openings are items that organizations need to sell. Next, applicants bring a lot of options to select from. Therefore, they are studying every job chance, such as working conditions, incomes, and even culture.

3.6 Optimize the social media

It is quite challenging to look for an applicant who is not knowing about social media. While Linkedin is seen as the ultimate social channel utilized for hiring, the Facebook platform might usually offer you some surprises. Moreover, sites like blogs and forums are frequently taken for job searching.

Wrapping It Up

We believe that you could expand your horizon involved in recruitment in Vietnam. If you need to find out more about specific recruitment in big companies, we will help you right away. Lastly, do not forget to share this article with other your relatives.


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