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Tips For Choosing Recruiting Firms In Vietnam For Your Business

Recruitment firms can assist you in finding the ideal candidate, especially if the position is technical or specialized, or you just have a new office in Vietnam. Hiring a recruitment agency can save you time and provide you with a larger pool of potential candidates. To determine whether this is the right process for you, learn more about recruitment agencies, their benefits, and how to choose the right recruiting firms in Vietnam for your business.

A Brief History Of Recruiting Firms In Vietnam

As a result of the workforce gaps caused by soldiers quitting their jobs and war casualties leaving open positions, recruiting agencies were first established following World War II. The recruiting sector emerged as a result of the need for businesses to find talent quickly.

Then, in the 2000s era, when Vietnam's economy bloomed, more and more recruiting firms were born here. Since then, businesses have streamlined their hiring procedures by utilizing recruiting agencies for searching, interviewing, and hiring phases.

Some Tips For Choosing A Recruiting Firm

  • Understand their background: Investigate your potential recruiting firms in Vietnam about the level of experience, who will be on your team, their track record, and customer success metrics.

  • Examine their area of expertise: Check that the recruiter's experience is relevant to your company.

  • Interview the company: Consider this to be an interview with a candidate. Ask a lot of questions to see if they're a good fit.

Recruiting firms in Vietnam
Figure 1. You can conduct an interview with a recruiting firm before signing the contract with them

Know what you're looking for: Tell your recruiting agency whether you value cost, time, or finding the best employees.

  • Check to see if they provide the services you require. For example, if you require payroll services in Vietnam, make sure the company provides them.

  • Examine reviews: If possible, obtain feedback from both previous employers and job candidates. Because both you and your potential employees will be in contact with the recruiting agency, you want to ensure that both parties have a positive experience.

Why Do You Want To Work With Recruiting Firms In Vietnam?

  • They contribute to the positive image of your company

The job applicant is not the only one being interviewed, as most hiring managers understand. Companies must ensure that their work appears to be a pleasant place to work. Interviewers must communicate the value they provide to potential employees as well as the reverse. This is especially true when filling a competitive position.

Recruiting firms in Vietnam spend their time communicating about potential job roles and assisting candidates in understanding the benefits of each company they might work for. They are a great resource for attracting top talent in addition to your own HR department because of their ability to help you communicate, especially with Vietnamese people.

  • They are familiar with the Vietnam workforce market

Recruiting firms in Vietnam may specialize in one field, such as technology or medical recruiting. This can provide them with a wealth of market knowledge. They will be familiar with the average salaries and benefits packages offered by your competitors, as well as the best places to look for candidates in the field. You can be confident that with this specialized knowledge, you will find the best candidates and pay them what they are worth.

Recruiting firms in Vietnam
Figure 2. Recruiting firms in Vietnam have much knowledge and experience with their labor market
  • They save your HR team precious time and effort

When you post a job posting, you may receive hundreds of applications. Some will be qualified, but probably not all. You won't have to have an employee spend valuable time sorting through applications and determining competency if you use a recruiting firm. Because this is a recruiting agency's specialty, they can assist you much more quickly.

Recruiting firms in Vietnam can also handle your phone screenings and first-round interviews, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are invited to meet with your team in person. Interview days can be exhausting for everyone involved, so this is a productivity boost.


Recruiting firms in Vietnam can help a company hire talent more quickly, with less risk, and in the most professional manner possible in the Vietnam market.

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